Shashank Shekhar started his business in 2008 with $1,900 of capital in his pocket. In just three short years, his business grew 987% from $2.8M its first year to becoming a $180M producer in 2018.

How did Shekhar build his brand? Here are his 5 tips…

  1. Choose Your Medium AND Remember to Pursue Excellence, NOT Perfection!
    1. Blogging
      1. One of the most dependable methods of drawing traffic to your brand.
      2. Create a reader-writer bond.
      3. Turn your prospects into customers
  1. Audio Podcasts
    1. Talk with love about what YOU think is worthwhile.
    2. Penetrate into your audience’s consciousness with your enthusiasm.
  2. Vlogging
    1. Vlogging is a sizzling hot internet property.
    2. Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram are the nucleus of many people’s live…use one or the other or the other based upon the strengths of each platform.
  3. Be Consistent with Your Content Creation
    1. Content ideas such as
      1. What questions do your customers ask you?
      2. Provide information on market statistics – price reports, rate changes, etc.
      3. Provide news about topics that impact your business – Fed announcements, jobs reports, government incentives, tax laws, inventory reports, etc.
      4. Community events and trends within areas you serve.
  1. Consistently create and produce high quality, value-added content.
  1. Make Sure to Amplify Your Content
    1. Great content MUST be delivered to your target audience.
    2. Exposure is key so share your content on social media platforms where YOU ARE ACTIVE.
    3. Email to your database and make it easy for your contacts there to share your content with their friends.
    4. Post to relevant groups on Facebook.
  2. Use Your Content to Create Leverage.
    1. If your content is value-added and consistent, your audience, reporters, other bloggers and content creators will pay attention to your content.
    2. Make sure to respond to their questions and comments quickly – these people have deadlines.
    3. Be responsive and share opinions that you think have value.
    4. Reach out directly via Twitter, Qwoted and HARO.
    5. If you bring new ideas/perspectives to other content creators’ demographics, they will feature you in their content.
  3. Match the experience you are providing to the promise you are giving to your audience.
    1. Effective branding comes with the expectation of outstanding customer service.
    2. Make your service 5-star and deliver it consistently.

Make every experience your customers get from the time they call you, email you or fill out a form on your website to the time of the transaction closing in sync with their expectations of that experience.

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