Key Highlights

  • Homeowners in at-risk climate locations finding that home backup power increasingly essential
  • Rather than pollution emitting generators, consider alternative solar-powered lithium-ion battery systems

As the frequency of wildfires, hurricanes, blizzards, other natural disasters including disruptive forced blackouts increase, homeowners have been flocking to generators. Sure, household power stays on during power outages but gas generators emit nitrogen oxide (smog producing chemical) and particulate matter (a direct cause of heart and lung disease) into the air.

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Consider instead solar-powered lithium-ion battery systems that are emission free, silent and can be kept inside the house.

Portable solar-powered lithium-ion generators have been servicing outdoor enthusiasts and those living off the grid for a long time. Now, particularly since the COVID pandemic and more frequent wildfires and hurricanes cause more frequent power outages, lithium-ion generators have moved inside. Bill Harmon, general manager of Goal Zero, a company in Utah that makes lithium-ion generators it calls power stations, said, “Demand has largely been directed at…power stations that can power huge portions of your home.”

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Small solar-powered devices with enough power to keep phones, computers and tablets charged are available for some $100. Goal Zero’s power stations with capacities of approximately 1,500 to 6,000 watts-hours run from $2,000 to $5,000. This company also sells kits to connect larger generators to a home’s electrical panel so the system can back up four circuits to keep on the lights, refrigerator and other key appliances during blackouts

Of course, installing rooftop solar panels and battery storage (or adding a battery to an existing solar system) are considered to be the best as well as the most expensive ways to automatically power a home during a blackout but climate-neutral power systems come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Look to companies such as SunPower Corp., Tesla, and Sunrun Inc. for battery systems that are able to supply electricity indefinitely as long as the is shining.

Now that home is many homeowners’ work environment, real estate agents can now explain to their clients that the penalty of losing power at home has become increasingly steep. Help your clients and investors consider the alternatives to climate-cause power outages and toxic spewing generators via lithium-ion battery systems. They may be quite grateful to you for being so well informed, thoughtful and for helping them keep their lights on during a climate-related disaster.

Thanks to Bloomberg.

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