Lew Sichelman, a veteran real estate agent and long-standing Inman News contributor, came away with a wish list of new products and features from the most recent International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

Here are some of Sichelman’s picks to tempt homebuyers and homeowners who want their current homes to step up to the plate:

  1. Self Cleaning Toilets from American Standard
    1. These toilets use -20% less water than standard 16 galloon flush toilets.
    2. Cleansing materials are released with each flush.
    3. Cleansing materials prevent staining and hard water build-up.
  2. Space Usable Below Decks
    1. RainEscape from Trex renders once unusable space below decks as usable, suitable storage space for furnishings and entertainment components.
    2. RainEscape diverts moisture from the deck to create dry space below the deck for storage.
  3. Curved Sky Lights by VELUX
    1. Curved skylights are perfect for home extensions or bump outs that have flat or low pitch roofs.
    2. Curved skylights work with any space that extends beyond the home’s original walls.
  4. SmartER Thermostats – Honeywell
    1. These new, smarter thermostats feature wireless sensors that measure temperature AND humidity and can help balance hot/cold spots in house.
    2. Know which rooms occupied and automatically adjusts those rooms to desired temperatures.
    3. Homeowner can set a preferred temperature at any time in any room.
  5. Water/Self Cleaning Ovens – LG
    1. System uses low heat and steam to clean automatically.
    2. 20-minute cleaning time rather than 3 hours
    3. Uses 1/10 of the power compared to other self-cleaning ovens.
  6. Dishwashing Sinks – StreamLine Hoods
    1. Ideal for kitchens in condos and tiny houses
    2. Unit drops into the countertop and is no larger than a typical 36” sink
  7. Wall Mounted HVAC Unit – Mitsubishi
    1. Ductless system monitored and adjusted by remote control
    2. Advanced filtration deodorizes and purifies air.
  8. Smart Dimmer – Jasco myTouch dimmer
    1. Sunsmart feature that recognizes sunrise and sunset for a one-off control.
    2. Sets unique lighting schedule that’s controlled by any mobile device.
  9. Virtual Home Shopping – Virtual Sales Experience
    1. Interactive touch-table/touch-screen tool for builder sales and design centers.
    2. Can transform conceptual designs into permit ready, lot specific document
    3. HomeByMe from Dassault Systems allows buyers to design their own homes in 3D – can also play with fixtures and finishes.
  10. Outdoor Refrigerator – Thor
    1. 24” indoor-outdoor refrigerator door
    2. 3 cubic feet capacity
    3. Ventilated cooling system that prevents freezing and humidity
  11. Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinets – Kessebohmer USA
    1. Can accommodate frameless cabinet door opening as narrow as 14”
    2. Height adjustable.

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