Anyone who is a landlord or property manager knows that finding, screening and approving new tenants are time consuming necessities. Anyone who is a landlord AND a real estate agent simultaneously is in a real, in not impossible, time crunch.

Check out the automation “helpers” associated with TurboTenant. The application offers…

  • Rental marketing
  • On-line rental application
  • Tenant screening
  • Necessary forms for downloading

In terms of rental marketing, TurboTenant offers landlords/property managers a comprehensive approach to marketing that includes digital presence with photos, description and amenities narration. Users can “share out” on social channels with one-click to advertise on dozens of listing websites such as or TurboTenant can then ask potential renters their move-in date, their household size, employment background and the number of pets in the family. TurboTenant then tracks high-quality leads so the landlord can connect with potential renters who would be most likely to sign a lease.

In our Amazon world of 24-hour accessibility and efficiency, TurboTenant asks potential renters are the standard questions as well as customized questions that are specific to you property or your lease requirements. TurboTenant has an automatic reference feature that automatically contacts their previous landlords, gets their rental history, whether or not they paid on time or violated a lease.

Tenant screening includes the potential renter’s credit score, criminal history, past evictions, outstanding loans, etc. vis-à-vis its partnership with TransUnion. Once the potential renter approves of the screening process, you the landlord receive a report about that potential renter instantly.

TurboTenant offers more than 45 essential rental forms vis-à-vis a partnership with LawDepot that comply with specific state rental requirements. This is particularly helpful to landlords who are renting in multiple states.

TurboTenant automation is a double bonus in terms of speed and efficiency for both renter and landlord. The landlord is able to set her/his own hours as to not “interrupt” or compromise the real estate agent aspect of the overall business. The landlord can feel more safe and secure in the decision who will be a renter and who will not. And, the potential renter can get fast answers from a landlord so she/he can know a more exact move-in date.

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