Struggling to make it in real estate, or have you hit a plateau in your business? You might need a coach – and if you already have one, you definitely need to take a hard look at getting a better one. In today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing some audience feedback about common pitfalls in real estate, and the role that coaching can play in helping you overcome them!

Hello Tim and Julie,

I have been listening to your Podcasts for almost a year. Thank you, not only for the content, but for your delivery. I have been a Realtor for nearly 20 years. At one point, during the recession, I was so burnt out that I was considering going back to school and saying goodbye to real estate for ever. During that time I revamped how I conduct my business. While applying systems, I took on a relational approach vs a transactional approach and slowly built a wonderful referral business. I absolutely love my clients and my business!

Over the last year I have found that I have hit a ceiling in my business. I know a lot of it has to do with the need to add on an assistant. I also feel that I have not been filling my pipeline with new potential clients. I’ve been so busy working in my business taking care of my current clients that I have neglected to work on my business.

I am at a fork in the road. I have been in coaching for a few years now but feel that I may have outgrown my current coach or just simply need to go in a different direction. I will need to make a decision soon on how I want to move forward. I just wanted to thank each of you because by listening to your podcasts regularly, my mind has become open to additional directions that may better suit me and the growth of my business.

Thank you.

As the email above illustrates, simply “having a coach” isn’t enough to ensure you’re success. You have to work with a coach that’s focused on your success, and engages you in practical, tactical, and actionable strategies to grow your business. Simply “feeling good” isn’t enough – you need to take action to achieve success, and not every coach can help you with that.

Today we’ll be drilling down on what separates the good coaches from the mediocre ones, and how coaching can be a game changer: but if if you’re with the right coach, and only if they’ve got your focused on practical solutions instead of quick-fix thinking.

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