No money? No problem! Learn how to survive the difficult times as we discuss the “Real Estate Survival Plan” on today’s episode. The real estate survival plan is a temporary (30 to 90 day) plan to help you make ends meet while you develop longer-term strategies for success, and today you’re going to learn how to implement it in your own business to make it through the toughest of times while you’re working towards long-term prosperity.


When is it time to use the Survival Plan?

  1. When you are having a temporary (30 to 60 day) cash flow issue.
  2. When you are struggling financially and have $0 cash reserve.
  3. When have nothing pending currently.
  4. When you are ‘List-less,’ as in you have zero listings.
  5. When you are recovering from a big financial hit for whatever reason.
  6. When you have extra bills you hadn’t planned for.
  7. When you just lost some deals you were counting on for income.
  8. When you’re in ‘rebuilding’ mode for whatever reason.

Secret: This plan is not just for new agents. Even top producers and seasoned veterans have to use the Survival Plan from time to time. The aim of this coaching program is to help you become a strong enough businessperson and real estate agent is so you don’t have to use the Survival Plan very often, and perhaps you will never use it again once you’ve taken action and implemented the training. Meanwhile, USE THE PLAN.


  1. Follow the plan. It is a temporary, 30 to 90 day survival plan. It is not the rest of your life. When you follow it, you’ll be able to get out of Survival Mode more quickly.
  2. Do not pick and choose what you’re going to implement. Do all of it.
  3. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Just do the work and be in action.
  4. Do nothing but dollar productive activity during Survival Mode.
  5. Do not spend even more money you don’t have during Survival Mode.
  6. Get an accountability partner to help support you as you work through this.


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