Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agent’s Practical, No B-S, Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Rich and Free, the number-one best selling new release on Amazon by Tim and Julie Harris, gives you the how-to’s on lead generation, conversion and retention.

Clearly, everything about the success of your real estate business centers on leads and Tim and Julie are wizards about everything having to do with leads.

In this week’s calendared posts, make sure to read about what Zillow is doing with its “coming soon” flex-pricing model and how agents using Zillow leads that come to fruition will be charged for those leads. Imagine 35% of your commission…or, as Zillow’s Gregory Schwartz indicates, “the industry standard.

Everything about leads relates directly to your bottom line.

If you’ve not done so already, get Harris Rules in all formats, read it and implement everyday Tim and Julie Harris’s wisdom about everything leads. The price of Harris Rules is obviously more cost effective (and empowering) than having to pay 35% on your hard-earned commission fees.





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