Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agent’s Practical, No-BS, Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Rich and Free, the Amazon number one selling newly released, revised, and updated book and Kindle version by Tim and Julie Harris offers you action-oriented, understandable, tried and truly successful, strategic rules for capturing listings under ALL market conditions.

Such accessible, clear thinking wisdom is particularly useful to you now that the market has shifted towards buyers. You need every listing you can get so you can meet that buyer demand.

For example, Harris Rules spells out in detail Tim and Julie’s rules concerning how to generate listings and what to do with those listings once you’ve got them. Here are just some some of Harris Listing Rules inside Harris Rules:

  • Know where your business comes from.
  • Identify at least five specific spokes or pipelines for your business.
  • Polish/nurture those spokes/pipelines.
  • Know how to generate your leads.
  • Know how to track your leads.
  • Be the fastest, most efficient, most professional agent possible.
  • Know to call back every lead (including website, email, text, messaging leads) within three minutes.
  • Know that if you don’t call back your every lead within three minutes, some other agent will.
  • Know to pre-qualify your leads in terms of time frame, motivation, price expectations, etc.

You get the idea. Now is the time to get ALL of the Harris Listing Rules AND SO MUCH MORE simply by ordering your paperback and/or Kindle version(s) of Harris Rules now.


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