In Jeff Glover’s most recent article for InmanNews, this top-producing agent shared his tried and true advice with veteran and newbie real estate agents alike.

Glover’s advice promotes sustainable longevity as a real estate professional, not quick fixes nor flavors of the month. His bottom line…leave your ego at the door, hone the fundamental skills and behaviors that produce value for your clients, and FOCUS on doing the work.

Ready – Get Set – FOCUS:

  1. FOCUS on choosing, learning and mastering one model or system that will help you become more efficient and more productive. Devote at least one year to developing that mastery.
    1. Stop chasing the latest and greatest silver bullet.
    2. Think about all the time spent researching and superficially learning every new, bright, shiny tool that may or may not have promise. Instead, utilize that time to become expert at one system.
  2. FOCUS on providing value to your clients.
    1. Who cares about who said what to whom online.
    2. “Being of value to your clients will beef up your bank account.” Online validation will not.
  3. FOCUS on your sales skills.
    1. Technology is a tool designed to make you more efficient.
    2. Sales skills are what you need once you get in front of buyers and sellers.
  4. FOCUS on leading by example rather than figuring out the fastest and best way to grow and lead a team.
  5. FOCUS on making it all about your clients and your “people,” not you.
    1. According to Glover, we all have three basic needs: security/safety, money and recognition. Determine how to best offer your clients and your “people” those three things.
    2. “If your “people” are learning, growing, making money and having fun, they will “stay” with you.
  6. FOCUS on creating opportunities for others.
    1. Those opportunities may include new perspectives and/or benefits, new partnerships, new income streams.
    2. Those opportunities may include collaborative investment properties, technologies, skill development.
  7. FOCUS on setting/being an example in how you produce, take/get your listings and generate sales. Glover believes that your expression of leadership example is what attracts clients, agents and people at large to you.
  8. FOCUS on your profit rather than your sales volume or your gross commission income (GCI).
    1. Have a short-term memory when it comes to awards and trophies.
    2. Move on and forward and do it all again.
  9. FOCUS on hiring the “right” people rather than on managing /fixing them.
    1. Glover credits Gary Keller with this concept.
    2. Glover believes in hiring people who want to and could replace you.
  10. FOCUS on having the right coach who “fits” for you rather than some stranger on Facebook.
  11. FOCUS on people who are getting it done rather than people who talk about/read about something they’ve never done.
  12. FOCUS on creating abundance rather than dwelling on scarcity.
  13. FOCUS on generating real leads who are interested in and motivated by real estate rather than adding random prospects to your database.
  14. FOCUS on being and becoming ever more productive rather than continually patting yourself on the back for what you already done. What you have already done is past tense.
  15. FOCUS on getting to work.


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