How do you know if you’re complacent?

Be introspective: 9 ways to know if you’ve got a complacency issue.  (Followed by what to do about it!)

1. Do you have the same…

Haircut/ car/ house/ phone as 5 plus years ago? Maybe even 20 years ago?

2. You’d rather stay fat than exercise… or exercise like you know you should be.

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Consistently and with accountability.

3. You’d rather buy leads than prospect or follow up on leads urgently…

4. You are a settler not an adventurer.  Have you settled on what’s going to just have to be ok or are you striving to be the best you you can be? To have, be and see the best in
the world?

5. You’re not sure what it’ll be like when you’re old…no plan but social security? Most
people never leave the 20 mile proximity of their home and count on the government to take care of them. Is this what you dream of for your golden years?

6. You make decisions based on coupons and promotions versus quality and what you


7. You have a scarcity mindset not abundance.  You argue over every commission dollar,
you ‘walk away’ from listings because they won’t do what you demand, you have lots of deals fall through.

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8. You live in a very small world: You’ve never been to Europe, the Caribbean or more
than a few states.  Why does that matter?  Exposure!

9. You only work with people who you ‘hit it off with’ versus being versatile and
understanding how to work with multiple types of people in multiple situations.  You say NO more than you say YES.

OK, you’ve got one or more of these issues… now what do you DO about it!?!?

1. Admit you have a problem.  Ignoring complacency makes you more complacent.  What happens when you stop mowing your lawn? Does it resolve itself or does it turn to corn and snakes?!

2. Actually set goals.  Use the Real Estate Treasure Map to figure out what’s most important to you in the 5 most important areas of life:  Family, Financial, Physical, Educational and Spiritual.  A goal is a dream with an action plan.

3. Come to terms with your actual finances.  What’s it cost to keep the lights on and what’s it cost to fulfill your goals?  DEFINE this.  The Treasure Map will help with this.

4. Understand where real estate business comes from.  People you know and people you don’t. Understand the ‘spokes in the wheel’ concept and stop praying to the real estate gods to rain leads upon you.  Have a business plan, not just ‘luck’.

5. Commit to being a LISTING AGENT and knowing your MAGIC NUMBER.  Listing agents rule the market.

6. Be ok having to compete.  Don’t be weird about being competitive.  Polish your Pre Listing Package, your listing presentation and even your buyers presentation.  Be the BEST at you what do.  Read Harris Rules to know what this means.

7. Get some help.  We coach superstars.  It’s not the halfway house for wayward agents.  Mediocrity is not a goal.  Be the BEST so you can meet and exceed your wildest dreams. In the process, you’ll help your clients do the same.

If you haven’t yet become fantastically wealthy, you simply haven’t figured out how to help the most people at the highest level.  You can do this, but you must take action, implement, and earn while you learn.

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