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  • Check out tips to help generate more eyes on your website, posts and videos for little/no cost
  • Special thanks to Bernice Ross

We all know that the more eyes on your website, posts and videos, the better. Some of those eyes may just become leads who may become clients.

Here are some easy-to-do low cost/no cost tips from Bernice Ross, President and CEO of BrokerageUP, that will help you boost your ranking on Google:

  1. Make sure your city, state and zip code are on the front page of your website. Your viewers need to know that you are working in the city and state they want to be. According to Oodle, the three most popular real estate search terms are the street name, the city and the ZIP code.
  2. Make sure your profile is completely up-to-date. Consider including the exact location on Google maps, your hours, website URL, phone number, business description, photos and your specialty categories.
  3. Create a separate page for your market niche with its own URL. You can make these separate pages be stand-alone websites or you can add them as additional landing pages (if you have more than one specialty category) on your regular website.
  4. Make sure you website is mobile friendly. In other words, make sure the page size of your website automatically adjusts to fit the dimensions of a cell phone the viewer will more than likely be using.
  5. Make sure your website loads Use PaySpeed Insights to make sure. Just think of how long you give a website to load before you lose patience and move on to another website that’s more responsive. Your web provider may be able to speed things up for you.
  6. Make sure the content you post is engaging, interesting, useful, informative and educational so your content can improve your SEO and enhance your branding and expertise. Use special reports, current market information, upcoming community events, etc. Google loves current, accurate content
  7. Make sure to create a catchy headline using six, plus or minus, words. Check out “power and emotion” words that suggest or even promise a solution. Think of using “How to’s” such as get a mortgage, win in a bidding war, estimate your monthly mortgage payment, etc.
  8. Make sure to use video testimonials and post them to the first page of your website so people can find them easily. Google likes video testimonials too.
  9. Make sure to use “featured snippets” of information that are specific to your niche, expertise and location. Think, “5 ways for save on taxes in Denver” or “ the fastest way to save for a down payment in Pittsburg.”
  10. Make sure you come up with tags for your blog posts, videos and everything else with keywords that generate optimum search results. Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension that will suggest keywords to you that generate the highest volume. Use them with your content and videos.



Big thank you to Bernice Ross writing for InmanNews.


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