6) Peak performers know that you have to choose to be rich or famous. Peak performers choose RICH over fame. Make the results you get for others your goal not making yourself famous. Don’t let your ego’s desire for recognition keep you from being a peak performer. A peak performer’s true goal in life is to be free. You can only be free once you are free from money worries. Ask yourself, are you doing what you are doing so that YOU will get recognition from others and placate your EGO, or are you doing it to help others?

7) Peak performers are MYOPIC. They have tunnel vision focused on becoming the best at ONE thing. Life is barely long enough to be good at one thing..choose wisely.

8) Peak performers KNOW that they MUST create personal financial freedom. They know that they must have all their personal financial needs completely covered via passive sources of income. They give themselves permission to be financially free. They are dissatisfied with not being financially free. They know that once they are rich…where their money is working for them and they no longer have to work for their money…then and only then will they be FREE to truly create and be of service. 

9) Peak performers don’t try to ‘destress’. They know that stress is absolutely needed. If bones don’t have stress they weaken and break. (astronauts). If you don’t continue to catch colds your immune system weakens. If you don’t keep learning and keep yourself constantly challenged you will lose your mental acuity. 

10) Peak performers spend ZERO time looking in the direction they don’t want to go. On the track of your car is sliding look in the direction you want to go not the direction the car is sliding…in life, watching the news etc is the direction you don’t want to go. Peak performers are constantly PRUNING. Go media-free, avoid people who aren’t also headed in the same direction as you. Look for people and things that magnetize your dreams. 

11) Peak performers waste NO time with whatever the current easy button, the flavor of the month trends are going on. They monitor and know about the trends, but they don’t get sucked in. They waste NO time looking for more ideas, easy buttons, or shortcuts. They know the POWER is doing the hard stuff others can’t or won’t do. 

12) Peak performers KNOW that everything they want in life is on the other side of Doing what they don’t want to do when they don’t want to do it at the highest level….often for 5-10x longer than they think (or were told) it would take. They are on a mission and won’t be dissuaded.


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