“Time Management” isn’t really Time Management. It’s ENERGY management.

1. Your energy is a resource. Treat it as you do food and water. You’d never go without renewing your food or water, right? Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snacks.

2. Don’t expect to be able to simply conjure up your best energy and focus just by willing it into existence. You can’t will yourself to not need water, can you?

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3. Your brain takes up 5% of your body but uses 20% of your body’s resources. Feed your brain! 60% of your brain is made of fat. Omega 3 from supplements, and / or fish like salmon will boost your brain’s functionality. And guess what? Caffeine is also recommended. It’s been proven to not just boost your mood but to block the chemicals which cause tiredness. Concentration for longer periods of time results from feeding your brain the right things. Dark chocolate, oranges and eggs are also recommended by nutritionists, so when you snack, use this list!

4. Know what your default is when you’ve screwed up the first 3 points by ‘powering through’ or telling yourself ‘I don’t need to take a break!’ Do you tend to get snippy, distracted, etc? That’s your early warning sign that your brain is starving.

5. Manage your own energy resources but also be aware of what’s happening with your clients / prospects / kids / spouse / etc. Are they ‘HANGRY’!? Is their BRAIN hangry? Is yours?

6. Know what your most naturally energetic and brain-focused times of day are and do your most important things then!

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