Is Zillow your friend or foe? Still confused and not sure if you should ‘partner’ with Zillow? Today’s headlines from Inman should help clarify their intentions…Inman Reports: ‘…. buyer’s agents being advertised as ‘personal guides’ and the site defaulting to agent listings over others’. Translation, Zillow is making it clear what their intentions are for buyers agents and the buyer agent ‘commission entitlement’ the sellers have traditionally paid. Add to this the fact that Zillow has been testing the market for how little they can co-op on the buyer side. How can you partner with a competitor who intends on replacing you..or at the very least ending your way of doing business? In today’s podcast Tim and Julie Harris drill down on what Zillow is actually doing now (and other ibuyer based brokerages) and exactly how this will impact you. Zillow (and others) are perhaps closer than many in the real estate industry believe to totally changing consumer expectations. Consumers may soon assume that your brokerage will offer an option similar to Zillow Offers. What will you do when your local sellers see your listing services as obsolete because Zillow offers what they perceive to be a more end to end solution? And remember, if you haven’t completed your 2021 Real Estate Business and Life plan you solution is a text away. Simply text 2021 to 855-685-1045. As always thank you for continuing to make Tim and Julie Harris’ podcast the number one listened to daily podcast for real estate professionals with over 10 million downloads real estate coaching radio is the must listen to daily show for anyone serious about the real estate career.

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