Key Highlights

  • Home is now the center of the universe
  • Living and working from home amenities now non-negotiable

Pandemic Has Made Home the Center of the Universe

“I-wish-I-had” amenities are now “must-have” amenities for many luxury buyers who see their homes as the center of both their working and personal lives.

House-hunting luxury buyers often have children and/or extended/chosen families who want to be catered to as much as the people picking up the bills

List of  Latest and Greatest Amenities to Suit Luxury Buyers and their Entourages

  1. Outdoor Amenities Take Center Stage.
    1. State of the art outdoor kitchens with barbecues, warming ovens, wine cellars.
    2. Retractable roofs
    3. Pools, hot tubs, activity courts for sports such as basketball, volleyball, pickleball, jungle gyms, sandboxes, etc.
  2. Work and Learn-from-Home Features
    1. Spacious, quiet office spaces
    2. Fully outfitted Zoomrooms with great lighting and sound systems
  3. Home Gyms
    1. State-of-the-art space that can accommodate fitness rooms, yoga, well-crafted weight rooms
    2. State-of-the-art ventilation
  4. Kitchens with More-Than Adequate Storage
    1. Who knows when the next shortages may occur? Luxury buyers want storage space
    2. With more at-home entertaining, multiple dishwashers, sinks with disposals, utensil drawers, refrigerators, appliances both built-in and specialized are in demand
  5. Top Quality Sanitizing Amenities
    1. Air-filtration systems throughout the home and possibly even the guesthouses, mudrooms, garages , indoor workspaces, etc.
  6. Battery Back-Up Systems to Accommodate Utility Shortages


Thanks to Inman.

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