Key Highlights

  • $323B in property taxes levied on single-family homes in 2020, an increase of +5.4% from 2019
  • Average property tax was $3,719, a 4.4% increase from 2019

2020 Property Taxes Show Substantial Increase

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, property taxes for a single-family home in 2020 averaged $3,719. This $3,719 figure represents a year-to-year increase of +4.4% more than 2019’s figure of $3,561

The total amount of property taxes levied on nearly 87M single-family homes in 2020 was $323B, an increase of 5.4% from the $306.4B levied in 2019.

With an effective tax rate of 1.1% in 2020 compared with the 1.14% in 2019, the increase in average property tax revenue obviously reflects increasing market values.

Average Property Tax Hike in 2020 Twice What It Was in 2019

Todd Teta, ATTOM’s chief product officer, said, “Homeowners across the US in 2020 got hit with the largest average property tax hike in the last four years, a sign that the cost of running local governments and public school systems rose well past the rate of inflation.  The increase was twice what it was in 2019.  Fortunately for recent home buyers, they have mortgages with super-low interest rates…but the latest tax numbers speak loud and clear about the continuing pressure on both recent and longtime homeowners to support the rising cost of public services.”

States with Highest Property Tax Rates

States with the highest property tax rates in 2020 included:

  • New Jersey – 2.2%
  • Illinois – 2.18%
  • Texas – 2.15%
  • Vermont – 1.97%
  • Connecticut – 1.92%

Other states with high property tax rates included New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Nebraska.

States with the Lowest Property Tax Rates in 2020

  • Hawaii – 0.37%
  • Alabama – 0.44%
  • West Virginia – 0.51%
  • Colorado – 0.54%
  • Utah – 0.54%

Other states with low property tax rates included Tennessee, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Wyoming.

The discrepancy between the highest and lowest property tax rates was New Jersey’s $9,196 and Alabama’s $841…more than 10 times.


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