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Top Zip Codes in 2021 – Less Dense, More Affordable Suburbs

Pandemic-2020 revved up homeownership desires at a frenetic pace. Homebuyers, be they first-timers, serial or multiple, wanted “out” of packed in, “shared,” costly environments and “in” to more space (inside and outside), more privacy and more affordability.

2021’s homebuyers are just as persistent, if not more so, in their desires for less density and more affordability as 2020’s buyers were.

Demand & Sale Paces Determinative Factors in “Hotness”

The annual Realtor.com’s Hottest ZIP Codes in American report analyzed 30,000 zip codes to determine which zip codes were the hottest by comparing metrices involving active listings from January 2021 to June 2021.

The two determining metrics Realtor.com used were demand (measuring the number of individual clicks per property listings) and time on the market (how long listings took to sell).  Only one ZIP code in each metro area was ranked in order to have some sort of geographic diversity on this list.


You’ll note that the top 10 ZIPs are within approximately 20 minutes of a major metro (reflecting home buyer’s desire to escape dense, urban centers) and ZIPs with strong job markets.

Will these ZIPs remain hot?  Some yes and some no, according to Realtor.com’s Chief economist Danielle Hale.  Any ZIP could have a boom year and then a neighboring ZIP the next year may out-perform it.  And some ZIPs simply break the mold.

Hale said, “The biggest surprise was a newcomer to the list: 37067, Franklin TN, just outside of Nashville.”  Nashville has a been a rising star but Franklin “…breaks the mold …”as the first ZIP in the Nashville area to make it on this annual list.

Another reason ZIP code 37067 is a mold-breaker is that it’s an emerging luxury area…one of only three ZIPs on the below list with a median list price over $400,000.

Hale said, “What’s common among the others is they’re relatively affordable areas, good places for entry-level buyers to get a foot in the door or potentially good places for downsizers to get a really good value.”

Realtor.com’s Top 10 Hottest ZIP Codes in 2021

Based on buyer demand and pace of sales, here is Realtor.com’s 2021 Hottest ZIP Codes in America, in rank order:

Views/      DOM         Med. List Price



  1. 80916 Colorado Springs CO        36%       4            $318,000%
  2. 14617 Irondequoit NY              112%       6            $175,000
  3. 01960 Peabody MA                    85%       3            $625,000
  4. 03103 Manchester NH                81%       5           $315,000
  5. 27616 Brentwood NC                284%       5           $319,000
  6. 43228 Lincoln Village OH            80%       5           $235,000
  7. 01757 Milford MA                     264%       6           $455,000
  8. 03301 Concord NH                   162%       9           $343,000
  9. 48336 Farmington MI               122%       8           $244,000
  10. 37067 Franklin TN                    337%       5          $847,000

Thanks to Realtor.com and The New York Times.







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