In its Q2 2021 earnings report, Airbnb saw its revenue jump +299%.  Plus, Airbnb cut its losses from $1B to “just” $68M.

Airbnb Sees Revenue Climb to More than +$1.3B in Q2 2021

 Airbnb experienced a revenue jump to more than +$1.3B during Q2 2021.  This jump to $1.38B exceeded analysts’ estimates of  “only” $1.23M in revenue.  This revenue jump represents an eye-popping increase of +299% y/y.

Simply compare Airbnb’s year-over year earnings over the last three years. During Q2 2019, Airbnb brought in $1.214B, an increase of +34% y/y.  In pandemic Q2 2020, Airbnb’s revenue tanked to just $335M, a stomach-turning loss of -72% y/y.  In Q2 2021, Airbnb’s revenue rebounded big-time with an increase of +299% y/y to $1.38B.

In a letter to Airbnb’s shareholders, the company stated, “…the travel industry rebound is upon us and Airbnb is leading the way.  For the past year, we’ve benefited from the adaptability of our business model, and we’ve focused on driving product innovations to meet the changing needs of our guests.  The strength of our Q2 results indicate two things: people are ready to travel, and Airbnb is ready to host them.”

Airbnb Loses Less in Q2 2021 – A LOT Less

Airbnb’s Q2 2021 earning report indicated a net loss of -$68M.  Of course, a loss of -$68M is a hefty sum of money, but this loss is a major improvement over the company’s past losses.

Take a look:

  • In Q2 2019, Airbnb had a net loss of $297M or -25%
  • In Q2 2020, the company had a net loss of -$576M or -172%
  • In Q2 2021, Airbnb’s net loss came in at -$68M or -5%

Agents with clients considering rental properties may want to be reminded that Airbnb’s net loss of -$68M or -5% is a HUGE improvement over Q1 2021 when the company lost a stunning -$1B.

Thanks to Airbnb and Inman.






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