Ever feel like you just can’t handle one more thing? Suffer from the 3am Real Estate Night Sweats? Listen to today’s podcast with Tim and Julie Harris to get back into control.

Mindset check first… are you feeling ‘overwhelmed’ or are you simply surrounded by lots of opportunity?

  1. Follow Media free mornings, ideally media free life.  Check what you’re putting into your head.  If it’s beneficial to your business, read it, listen to it.  Our podcast, housing facts, local trends are fine. Listen to podcasts of something that interests you, in or out of the business.  Stay off the ‘news’…

-Some of our favorites from many different categories:

-Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell) -Articles of Interest (Fashion)

-Peter Schiff show

-Invisibilia (unseeable forces that control or influence human behavior

-Radiolab and Radiolab for kids  -Julie’s Library (for kids)

-How I built this (Guy Raz) -Sticky Notes (classical music)

-Joe Rogan Experience -Smartless (Jason Bateman)

-Ask for our Book List as well!

2. Make a list of what you want to feel, loved, appreciated, important, useful.  Are you ‘being’ the change you wish to see? Are you acting and behaving the way you wish to be treated and responded to? 

-Write 5 thank you or recognition cards per day, business and / or personal.

“Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice.” – Zig Ziglar

3. Show overt appreciation towards others by giving them what you want to feel from them!  Give before you expect to receive.  Social Media does have a good use here… if you noticed that your past client’s kids just graduated or had a baby or got a promotion, this is your chance to show you noticed.

4. Get more sleep! Listen to our podcast about sleep.  You’re more likely to wreck your car from lack of sleep than you are from alcohol.

-Book:  Why we sleep: Unlocking the power of sleep and dreams (Dr Matthew Walker)

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