The National Association of REALTORS® newly released 2021 Homebuying Survey looks at how real estate consumers use technology.  Part 2 of this two-part series focuses on tech and social media.

How Real Estate Tech Users Consume Social Media

Facebook wins by a land slide in terms of user preference…90% of real estate agents use Facebook.  52% use Instagram; 48% use LinkedIn.  The also-rans include YouTube (24%); Twitter (19%); Pinterest (8%); TikTok 5%); Snapchat (5%) and Other (10%).

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The main reasons agents use social media for real estate include:

  • 54% – believe their clients and potential clients expect them to use social media
  • 49% – believe using social media helps build/maintain existing relationships with their clients
  • 49% – to promote listings
  • 36% – to find new clients
  • 33% – to network with other real estate professionals
  • 25% – to help stay up to date on real estate news and trends
  • 18% – simply to enjoy using it
  • 11% believe social media generates positive ROI and leads

To-Do’s for Agents and Tech

Just from this cursory summary of tech and home searches and tech and social media, here are just a couple of suggestions:

  • Since nearly all buyers are using tech to search for homes…
    • Make sure your listings’ photos and informational content are absolutely clear, specific and presented in ways that are engaging and understandable.
    • Make sure that your listings’ photos and content are compatible with both smartphones and computer screens since consumers rely on both devices.
    • Make sure your profile is clear, crisp, engaging and understandable.
    • Remember to let your listings’ photos and content tell stories to their viewers/readers.
    • Remember that less is more…trust your viewers/readers.
  • Since nearly all real estate agents are using tech to communicate with their existing and potential clients…
    • Create focused content for your three favorite social media channels.
    • Create and live/work by schedules for each of your chosen social media channels. Those schedules may vary by the strengths of each channel from daily, to twice weekly, to weekly, etc.  By doing it this way you can post, cross-post and re-post photos/content on each one.
    • Whatever schedules you create for each channel, follow them regularly and consistently so your viewers/readers can rely on hearing from you.

Thanks to the National Association of REALTORS®.


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