Tim and Julie Harris show you what matters and what doesn’t for your own Social Media Blueprint.  Complete with practical and actionable homework!

Which Social Media Sites Should You Care About? 

The Top 15 Social Media Sites and Apps by Active Users

* indicates the sites you should have a profile. The noted platforms have demographics that match the average demographics of home buyers and sellers in the United States. 

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1. Facebook – 2.74 Billion Active Users *
2. YouTube – 2.291 Billion Active Users *
3. WhatsApp – 2.0 Billion Active Users
4. Facebook Messenger – 1.3 Billion Active Users
5. Instagram – 1.221 Billion Active Users *
6. Weixin/WeChat – 1.213 Billion Active Users
7. TikTok – 689 Million Active Users
8. QQ – 617 Million Active Users
9. Douyin – 600 Million Active Users
10. Sina Weibo – 511 Million Active Users
11. Telegram – 500 Million Active Users
12. Snapchat – 498 Million Active Users
13. Kuaishou – 481 Million Active Users
14. Pinterest – 442 Million Active Users *
15. Reddit – 430 Million Active Users *

Homework #1: Upload A High-Quality Profile Picture of Yourself to the 5 platforms starred above.  Use the same photo for all 5.

People need to put a face to a name, whether that’s a logo, a persona or a real person in your company. The word ‘brand’ means your company and in the case of real estate agents, you. You are the brand. 

Your profile picture should represent your brand and make it easy for new users to identify your business. It’s also important to use the same image across all social media platforms to ensure users can find you anywhere they search. 

Homework #2: Update Your Bio With Relevant Information

New visitors check out your profile because they’re searching for information about your brand. 

In a few sentences, your social media bio needs to be clear about what your business is and what it does. It’s important to add relevant keywords so your target audience can find you in search. For example, if you sell homes in New Albany Ohio you obviously want to use the keywords’ New Albany Ohio’. Think like a homeowner (or buyer) who is searching for an agent who truly specializes in their market. You can actually say, “My Primary focus is New Albany Ohio”. 

Homework #3: Use Hashtags

One way users find relevant brands and products is by searching for hashtags. Hashtags are keywords people add to social media content to sort it by category. People search by using hashtags like #realestate #newalbanyohio etc. What should your hashtags be?

Homework #4: Link To Your Website

This should be obvious, but in your profile have a link to your website (or other landing pages). Systems like KVCore offer turn-key landing pages. Please don’t be confused about the value of an agent’s website. This isn’t 1998…agent websites now are highly ineffective for lead generation. 

A website (basically the same as a landing page) is important for the sake of offering prospective clients an opportunity to learn more about you. That said, if you only have profiles built on the top 5 social media sites you may decide a personalized agent site isn’t necessary. 

Homework #5: It’s Up To You… Decide on your commitment level and how you’ll actually schedule the care and feeding of your social media.  Understand the facts.

Social media occupies the space between mass media (billboards, postcards, radio ads) and real human-to-human communication. Like mass media, social media alone will be incredibly time-consuming and costly if being used as a replacement for direct, proactive communication. Either way, you are buying leads. You are buying leads with your dollars (social media, mass media) or your time (proactive lead generation). 

The incredibly important difference is with proactive lead generation you can control the result. You can easily improve your time to dollars earned ratio with improved skills. 

Ask yourself this question…if you had to take 5 listings in the next 30 days..and you have NO existing listing leads, how would you do it? Would you post on social hoping and praying for someone with a home-to-sell list with you or would you get on the phone and call people who have expressed an urgent need to sell now. The answer should be obvious. 


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