We all have the same number of hours in every day and in every week.  Learn to manage your 24 hours/day and 168 hours/week well.

Make Your Time Work for You

You know the difference between being dragged down by not having enough time in the day to do everything you think you need to do and excelling at using your time wisely and effectively in order to achieve your goals, right?

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Tips to Help You Manage Time You Have to Accomplish Your Goals:

  1. You know what’s important to do and what’s not…even if everyone around you is doing something else.  Forget what everyone else is doing.  Set up your schedule so you can efficiently and effectively accomplish what’s important for you to accomplish every day, every week.
  2. As a real estate professional, your product is your income. To achieve your necessary income (your product/your goal), all you do is about two things:
      1. A- ROI or return on investment – everything you do (every task or work activity) must be defined by how much income you can generate by doing task/activity – if your ROI is a return of 10, great…if it’s a 2X return, okay – anything less, forget it.
      2. ROR or return on relationship – real estate is a relationship business – know how much value you are bringing to the other person in the relationship – the more value you bring with your expertise, your energy and your time, the more loyalty you will instill/generate from that relationship – invest in relationships that will most benefit them and you.
      3. Use the 30-3-30 rule. Communicate your “priority” point in 30 seconds or less.  If necessary and the person with whom you’re communicating will tell/ask you), follow up that 30 second explanation with a 3-minute summary of your priority point.  Again, when necessary and/or your priority point is more complex, condense the details of that priority point into 30 minutes.  The more you work with someone, the more you’ll find that 30 seconds is enough time to explain yourself clearly and specifically and enough time to address 90% of day-to-day questions/issues that arise.
  1. Know, focus on and cultivate what works for/with each relationship you have within its own time frame. Know where your active buyers and sellers are in the process of buying and selling and know what needs to happen to move the process forward.  Forget everything that does not focus on ROI or ROR.
  2. Systemize repeatable tasks…do NOT reinvent the wheel each time. Organize and refine your systems, processes and procedures through your clients’ eyes and priorities.  If it works for your clients (they’ll let you know one way or the other), it works for you.  If it doesn’t work for them…begin again and create a system that does work for them.  Systemization enables accountability and responsibility for you, your clients, for everyone with whom you work.
  3. Build in time for mental/physical/emotional empty space. Even if you’re “too busy” or “overwhelmed with everything you have to do,” you MUST build in space every day that is empty, quiet, “away.”  The most productive people in the world are the most productive people in the world because they build in and honor (no matter what) their empty space.
  4. Focus on your strengths in order to give yourself the greatest ROI and ROR. Delegate or outsource what you aren’t good at and/or what you don’t like doing.
  5. Sleep, eating and exercise are priorities. Why?  The better you take care of yourself, the more you’ll accomplish.  Sleep enables mental/physical/emotional recovery; nutritious eating fuels your body; exercise (30+ minutes/daily) activates energy, vitality, mental agility and creativity.
  6. Proactively set up client expectations from the get-go. Tell the truth ahead of time and each time after that.
  7.  Use each tip that works for you when it works for you as there’s no “order” except #8…always tell yourself, your clients and everyone with whom you work the truth upfront.

Thanks to authors on time management including Brian Tracy, Mark Twain, Laura Vanderkam, Cal Newport, Craig Jarrow, Judy Wajcman and others.


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