Tim and Julie talk about some more critical manners that will make you stand out in real estate as well as in life!

17.  Smile with your eyes when you’re wearing a mask.  Smile with your face when you’re not. Make eye contact.

18.  Turn your phone ringer OFF when you’re on appointments.  Don’t keep checking it.  Look at the person who is speaking to you.

19.  Hold the door for the person behind you, man or woman.

20.  Watch your body language. Don’t cross all your limbs and expect for someone to respond favorably to you.

21.  Cough or sneeze into your ARM.

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22.  Write hand written cards regularly.  Hand address and use commemorative stamps.  Use good quality stationery.

23. Learn and remember people’s names. This is more powerful than you think!

24.  Take a compliment well.  Don’t be weird about it.  ‘You’re so kind!’  ‘What a lovely thing to say!’

25.  ASK before posting, especially pictures of other people’s kids, events that aren’t yours etc.

26.  Watch your truck-driver-potty-mouth.  Not everyone is ok with that.

27.  Dress a notch better than everyone you’re with.  Flip flops are not real shoes unless you’re in the shower or at the beach.  Tom Ford  says that dressing well is a form of good manners.

28.  Don’t stand in doorways or in the middle of the grocery aisle.

29.  Always accept hand sanitizer when someone offers.  Otherwise you’re saying you’re ok spreading your germs.  

30.  Don’t ask someone to hold your phone, wallet or drink for you.  This has become taboo and gross.

31.  Respect personal space plus 3 to 6 feet.  Don’t be the last person in an already crowded elevator.  

32.  Ask permission to use a person’s first name and make sure you’re pronouncing it correctly.

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