A pair of phone scams are wreaking havoc throughout the business world, and it is important to be well-informed to avoid falling into the clutches of would-be scammers.

One phishing scam is snaring even the most tech-savvy Gmail users. The hackers steal log-in credentials by sending an email with an attachment, Mark Maunder, the CEO of WordPress security plugin Wordfence told iNews.

Clicking on the attachment opens a new tap that looks like a Gmail login page. This is the catch, because it isn’t authentic. If you enter your information, the hackers have scored and now have your credentials and have full access to all of your emails.

To entice you, the hackers create the email in such a way that it appears to have come from one of your contacts, probably someone who already has fallen victim to them.

Even “experienced technical users” have become victim to the hacks, according to Maunder.

Authorities also are issuing a warning about a scam that could snare you through your telephone.

If your phone rings and someone asks “Can you hear me now?” — hang up. Your answer to the simple question from an unknown caller could make you a victim of the scam.

“It’s a verbal contract, just like clicking ‘I agree” on a computer,” the Better Business Bureau’s Howard Schwartz told CBS News.” “It’s called a voice signature and it is used legitimately by companies to show that you’ve agreed to some sort of change, usually an upgrade in some sort of a plan.”

You can avoid falling victim to this scam by not answering the phone from numbers that you don’t know. Never give out your number or personal information over the phone. Do not answer any questions.

Schwartz added that if it is an illegal marketing call, pressing any button sends a signal.

“You’ve told them it’s a working number and you’re amenable to picking up the telephone when it rings,” he said.

A first step to protect yourself is to sign up for the do not call list. Always stay up-to-date on potential scams like these to avoid becoming a victim.

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