It’s a jungle out there. Every seller has it ingrained in their mind that they have to interview multiple agents, at times, even when they already know you from church, school events or a social club!  For Sale By Owners almost always interview multiple agents when the time comes and they especially are looking for every reason to discount you.  Needless to say, there is competition everywhere.  What if you could increase your chances and possibly even cause some of those sellers to cancel those other appointments?

The Real Estate Survival Guide will put you in the drivers seat and give the sellers the questions they didn’t even know to ask.  How?  The Survival Guide contains 15 questions that you’ll already have your own rock star answers to about everything from absorption rates to days on market and list to sale ratios – and lots more.  The reality is that most other agents won’t even know what an absorption rate is, let alone have the answer! When the seller uses the 15 questions you provided them in your Pre-listing package, to screen other agents, they will find out how unprepared those agents are – and you become the winner!

Imagine completely disqualifying your competition before they even walk in the door?  The Survival Guide is the sellers method to pre-qualifying other agents.  Each question is carefully designed to highlight your knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

Would you want to be on the other side of questions like these?

Can you show me a copy of your daily schedule?  (Most agents don’t have one!)

Of the homes that you listed and didn’t sell in the last 12 months, why didn’t they sell? (Uh…this is awkward)

Are you an active agent or a passive agent? (Again, most agents don’t know the difference)

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