Many agents never become the listing agents they could be!  Instead they get bogged down by buyers, thinking that never ending showings is the only way to never ending income.  Wrong!  You actually can’t build a long-term, profitable real estate business on the backs of buyers.  It’s not possible.  There’s not enough hours in the day!

Not only that, but if you’re not working almost exclusively with listings, there’s nothing predictable about your business.  You can’t predict your income and you have no leverage. You’re at the whim of the buyers finances, circumstances, time, schedule, motivation…if any one of these dissipates, you’re out of a commission check!

The reality is, you need to list to last.

Listings are mental labor, working with buyers is physical labor.  Freedom comes with listings.  You can simply handle more listings business than buyer business, once you understand the process. Being a listing agent requires more education, skill, polish, motivation and perseverance than being a buyers agent. Listing agents make a lot more money, more consistently with less stress.

What’s next? You must develop the mindset of a listing agent.

Listing agents know how to consistently generate listing leads, follow up, prequalify them, present in such a way they take the listings, negotiate in such a way the listing sells, and close the deal.

We do that through The Listing Agent’s 7 P’s that every agent must know: Profit comes from Previewing, Prequalifying, Preparing, the PLP, and a Polished, Professional Presentation…and Prayer doesn’t hurt!

Today we drill down on these concepts and get you started on the first of the seven steps. It all begins with generating the lead!  From the very beginning its time to take off the gloves and get competitive.  If you don’t generate any appointments, there won’t be any listings for you to take.  If you’re exhausted from riding the buyer train, its time to get jump off and change your destination!

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