Real Estate Agent 2022 Action Plan (Part 2)

7 – Establish exactly how many listings you need next year to meet your production goals. 80% of your transactions should be listings. The buyers will come via the listings. This is ultimately the most important number to focus on.

Example: Let’s say you want to make $120,000 gross commission. Your average commission to you is $8,000. You’ll need 15 total transactions. 12 (80%) should be listings. Concentrate on generating those 12 opportunities.

8 – It’s easier to go fast than slow. 12 listings in a year are harder to focus on than setting one qualified listing appointment per week or per day for some agents. If one per month is easy for you, consider raising your goals!

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9 – Track your results. How many listing appointments do you need to go on in order to list the number you need to reach your goals? What is your personal appointment to listings taken ratio?

Your goal is to win 90 to 100% of the time when interviewing for listings. If you don’t have this ratio, get help identifying why. This is what coaching is for.

10 – Focus heavily on your foundational ‘spoke’ or source of business known as your ‘database’. Your past clients and centers of influence are most likely to do business with you again or refer someone to you. Call to connect, not just to ‘make contact’. Listen more than you speak on those calls and always ask who they know who you should be helping to buy or sell real estate.

11 – There’s still time for two more open houses this year! You are likely to have a fantastic turnout. Choose houses in highly desirable neighborhoods and deploy our open house lead generation techniques if you’re in Premier Coaching. If you’re not…sign up for Premier Coaching! Open houses are an amazing source of business when done strategically.

12 – Set a goal of how many qualified buyer and seller appointments you will set in the next two weeks. It’s ok to go ahead and set those meetings up for after January 1st if that’s what the prospect desires. Get a head start on 2022!

13 – Start following the dollar productive schedule you created in your Treasure Map before it’s 2022. You don’t have to be perfect at it, but you do need to start following the habits that will get you to your goals next year. Start with a media-free morning and some daily minimum standards as discussed in both our Harris Rules book and the Treasure Map.

14 – Get caught up on Real Estate Coaching Radio podcasts!

15 – Make the commitment that 2022 will be your best year ever and don’t start the year without defining what that means. The previous 14 points are designed to give you direction and confidence so you can achieve those goals!

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