More northwestern small towns are growing the fastest in our COVID variants, inflationary country.

New Study Points to Smaller Cities in Northwest

SmartAsset, an online outfit that focuses on consumer financial information, just released a study that indicates smaller towns, particularly in the northwest corner of the country, have been growing more quickly during this time of inflation and COVID variants.

SmartAsset used data from the US Census Bureau to compare population growth, the number of small businesses, housing units and household income from 2015-2020.  SmartAsset also looked to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for unemployment rates (2020-21) and the Bureau of Economic Analysis to measure gross domestic product.

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Check out the towns below:

The New Boom Towns

  • Indicates Tie

City       5-Yr Population Growth       5-Yr Income Growth

  1. Murfreesboro TN  20%                         38%
  2. Nampa ID           31%                         39%
  3. *Meridian ID        1%                          28%
  4. *Conroe TX         26%                         46%
  5. Mount Pleasant NC 14%                       47%
  6. Bend OR              18%                         24%
  7. Tempe AZ            12%                         41%
  8. Vancouver WA      5%                          30%
  9. Bellingham WA     10%                         40%
  10. Seattle WA           12%                         44%
  11. North Charleston SC 9%                       39%
  12. Rock Hill SC          7%                          34%
  13. Henderson NV      17%                         30%
  14. *Concord NC        13%                         46%
  15. *New Braunfels TX  36%                       30%
  16. Longmont CO        6%                           37%
  17. Austin TX              8%                           29%
  18. Indio CA               6%                           58%
  19. George UT            16%                          29%
  20. Sandy Springs GA  5%                           30%

Thanks to SmartAsset.

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