In Part III of this multi-part series on lead generation tips, we focus on maximizing your website, sponsoring niche events, contacting expired listings, partnering with divorce attorneys and providing small value-added extras.

Cultivating More Leads Means Cultivating More Profit

The need of lead generation is constant:  reach out to people you know, find new contacts, nurture your existing contacts and persistently refine and repeat your process.

Your strategies for cultivating your own leads must be multi-pronged.   Keep tried and true strategies and add the latest digital strategies.

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Build Out Your Website to Leverage Your Connections

Your website is your calling card.  Your prospective, current and past clients need to know how and where to find you; your current and coming-soon listings; the latest market information regarding pricing, sales, open-houses, events and trends.

At the very least, your website needs a contact form, a gallery of photos and/or videos showcasing your listings and a blog section for you to regularly and consistently post valuable information for your specific client types (such as first-time buyer, move-up buyers and sellers, downsizing buyers and sellers) and about your specific property types (townhomes, entry-level homes, luxury homes, multifamily homes.)

You may also want to add sections to your website that focus on schools, community amenities (shopping, restaurants, childcare centers, recreational centers), hiking trails, annual community festivals and the like.

Sponsor Niche Events

By sponsoring and co-sponsoring niche events/fundraisers with community businesses, schools, and organizations, you may find real estate leads.

Be creative to reap tangential results.  Think of events such as…

  • History/Architecture walking tours to learn about buildings and/or homes in a certain style in your neighborhood
  • Fundraisers for neighborhood organizations such as an animal shelter
  • Neighborhood food festival
  • Consider unique interests that would appeal to specific resources available in your community and to your specific expertise.

Contact Expired Listings

Whether or not a specific homeowner worked with an agent or on their own to sell a listing, something didn’t work.

Comb through your local/state MLS and/or Craigslist to find the owner of that expired listing.  Call that owner, knock on their door, send them an email, contact that owner’s neighbors, etc. and be clear, to the point, short and explicit about your unique strategies and expertise to help them sell their house.

You will have competition from other agents doing the same thing so be sharp.

(When connecting with prospective clients live by phone, they are 4X more likely to work with you.)

Partner with Divorce Attorneys

With 40% of the adult population being single and/or divorced, be aware and attentive to any divorce attorneys you may already know, meet and/or be referred to by a friend/family member in your circle of influence.  Why?  Because a couple splitting up may well need to sell and buy/rent a new home quickly.

Connect (ideally in-person or a video call) with a divorce attorney to let them know you can be of assistance to their client(s).  At the very least, ask if you would be able to leave some of your informational materials in their waiting room.

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Provide Value-Added Extras

A small, personal touch and/or gift can go a long way in helping you both generate leads and cultivate relationships.

People will remember and appreciate your acknowledging them as a unique human being.  Some examples may include…

  • Birthday, anniversary, special event card
  • Small gift card and/or gift basket with a personalized note for a birthday, new baby, new business venture, completing a marathon, etc.
  • Complimentary themed treats for holidays, open houses, meetings, etc.

Follow-Up Is Critical

There is no such thing as one-and-done when generating and cultivating real estate leads.

Thanks to rentspree, HubSpot, and Zillow.





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