A UK scientist called the Omicron variant a “ray of light” that could help convert COVID into a common cold.

Will Omicron Variant Help Transition COVID from Pandemic to Endemic Disease?

At the end of last weekend, Dr. Mike Tildesley, member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modeling and a professor at the University of Warwick in the UK, publicly spoke about a possible upside to the Omicron variant.  (Omicron is currently raging in both case numbers and hospitalizations in the UK and in the US.)

Dr. Tildesley told Times Radio in the UK, “The thing that might happen in the future is you may see the emergence of a new variant that is less severe, and ultimately, in the long term, what happens is COVID becomes endemic and you have a less severe version.  It’s very similar to the common cold that we’ve lived with for many years.”

“We’re not quite there yet,” said Dr. Tildesley, “but possibly Omicron is the first ray of light there that suggests what may happen in the longer term.  It is, of course, much more transmissible than Delta was, which is concerning, but much less severe.”

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What Case Numbers, Hospitalization Numbers & Death Numbers Show in Both UK & US

According to zerohedge.com, the number of new positive Omicron cases in the UK were higher than at any point since the onslaught of the pandemic.  Hospitalization numbers in the UK during the first week of January hit 18,454, the highest level since February 2021.

In the US, according to the CDC, new cases reported Sunday, January 9, 2022, surpassed 1.05M, the highest number since the pandemic began.  Hospitalization numbers on January 9, 2022, have now surpassed the two earlier peaks in February 2021 before vaccinations were readily available and in August 2021 when the Delta variant filled hospitals.

The numbers of new COVID-related (Omicron) deaths in both the UK and the US, however, are nothing even close to peak numbers during February 2021.  Essentially, the number of new deaths from Omicron is just slightly higher as of January 9, 2022, than the number of deaths that occurred from COVID at the end of February, 2021.

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Not All “Doom and Gloom”

It may be “too soon to tell” in terms of deaths BUT, according to Dr. Tildesley in the UK, “On the slightly more positive side, so it doesn’t sound all doom and gloom, what we are seeing from hospital admissions is that stays in hospital do appear to be on average shorter, which is good news, symptoms appear to be a little bit milder, so this is what we are seeing consistently with the Omicron variant.”

Thanks to zerohedge.com.



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