First-time home buyers prefer living in the suburbs, according to

10 Best Suburbs for First-Time Home Buyers

With only 12.8%, according to Zillow, of the total US real estate market’s value being relatively affordable,, ranked the 10 best suburbs ideally suited for first-time home buyers.


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  • Markets with populations under 100,000 people
  • Markets within a 30-minute drive to a larger metro
  • Markets with strong job markets
  • Easy access to entertainment
  • Affordability relative to nearby cities and towns.

This report analyzed 1.112 cities and also considered these factors:

  • Demographic share of 25–34-year-old residents
  • Number of active listings per 1,000 current households
  • Jobs based on local unemployment rats
  • Number of food/drink amenities per 1,000 households
  • Forecasted metro home sales and home price growth for 2022.

Magna UT (1)

  • Median Home Price – $375,000 in 12/21
  • Population – 229,251
  • Nearest Metro – Salt Lake City
  • Affordability; high value growth potential, high job growth potential as area seeing construction of shipping centers

Chalco NB (2)

  • Median Home Price – $2225,000 in 12/21
  • Population – 11,064
  • Nearest Metro – Omaha
  • Affordability due to well-aged, well-built housing stock; Omaha seen as recession-proof; not dependent upon tourism/retail; diverse job potential due to diverse companies; many outdoor activities

Maudlin SC (3)

  • Median Home Price – $284,000 in 12/21
  • Population – 24,724
  • Nearest Metro – Greenville
  • Affordability; tax-friendly; good schools; good job potential with Amazon plant, Mitsubishi in town and BMW plant close by; small-town feel with city life; outdoor activities/amenities

Beech Grove IN (4)

  • Median Home Price – $165,000 in 12/21
  • Population – 14,717
  • Nearest Metro – Indianapolis
  • Affordability; diverse housing styles, family/community friendly; medical services in town; sprinkling of new and mom-and=pop establishments; walkability; entertainment amenities

Portsmouth VA – (5)

  • Median Home Price $220,000 in 12/21
  • Population – 97,915
  • Nearest Metro – Norfolk
  • Affordability; older housing stock; downtown infrastructure improvements; children’s museum; Air Force/Coast Guard/Army folks

Cottage Grove WI (6)

  • Median Home Price – $2279,000 in 12/21
  • Population – 7,303
  • Nearest Metro – Madison
  • Affordable; relatively better homme quality; good schools; walkability; golf course; variety of small businesses and amenities

Grimes IA (7)

  • Median Home Price – 371,800 in 12/21
  • Population – 15,392
  • Nearest Metro – Des Moines
  • Affordable housing; demographics skewing young; good schools; four seasons; large industrial complex for job base; room to grow and expand

Kuna ID (8)

  • Median Home Price – $490,000 in 12/21
  • Population – 24,011
  • Nearest Metro – Boise
  • Fast growing yet still relatively affordable; new construction happening; four seasons; close to mountains for skiing, boating and camping; surrounded with vineyards

Ferndale MI (9)

  • Median Home Listing Price – $2228,500 in 12/21
  • Population – 19,190
  • Nearest Metro – Detroit
  • Affordable; blend of small-town feel with big city/amenities and conveniences; good hybrid in terms of home prices and lifestyles; LBGTQ-friendly

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Maitland FL (10)

  • Median Home Listing Price – $427,500 in12/21
  • Population – 19,543+
  • Nearest Metro – Orlando
  • Stable job environment with several major corporations and/or headquarters; part of Orlando/Winter Park/Maitland triangle of entertainment amenities while being most affordable in that triangle; types of housing varieties well represented; new and existing homes; wide variety of job choices

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