Real Estate Coach | How To Take 3 Listings Now! (Part 2)

Real Estate Training and Coaching. How to take 3 listings immediately (using virtually the same script for every conversation)

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1 – You must look at your own Center of Influence and Past Clients (your database) to create the inventory you’re looking for! (Script to follow).

2 – You must identify every Unrepresented Seller (For Sale By Owner) within a 20-mile radius of your office or home office and speak with 100% of them about listing.

3 – You must identify at least 30 Expired listings within a 20-mile radius and speak with them about listing.

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What to say?  Scripting consists of 2 elements.

1 – Showing your potential seller the facts about the market…


2 – Actually being able to handle the objection (an objection is an unanswered question in the mind of the prospect): ‘I’d sell but what will I buy?)

What’s your current answer?  

“Yea, I know, it’s really hard to find anything, then you have to compete.”

(that’s not very motivational)

Instead: SCRIPTS for part 1 (show the facts) and part 2 (deal with the objection)


Past Clients, Sphere of Influence (your database):

(Open with some rapport, use your FORD elements (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams)…(expect them to ask, ‘how’s real estate?’

“__Bob___, I’m reaching out to all of my friends and clients this week just to share some market news with you so you stay informed.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that there aren’t many For Sale signs around right now.  

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4 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply. Terms & Privacy:

This means that a great house like yours typically is selling very quickly and not just for top dollar but in many cases well over top dollar.  Your neighborhood is selling for x% higher than last year and typically in less than __x__ days.  What do you think about that?

(listen to the answer)

So now that you know that we could likely get at least ____ for your home, what does that do to your plans? / Would you like me to prepare a market analysis to see what you could expect to net in today’s market?”

Note: Even if they say they’re never moving, you can still ask who they know who could use your help buying or selling real estate.

Note: If they say the predictable: ‘Well, that’d be great but where would I move to?’…move on to 

SCRIPT Part 2 

“That’s a great question and it’s certainly on everyone’s minds lately.  Let’s look at a variety of options and see which might be the most comfortable for you…

A lot of people are buying first and then selling.  With super-low interest rates and the likelihood of your home selling as soon as we get it on the market, many people are just buying first, closing, and then selling the old home.  

Some people are choosing to build and then sell.  Building buys you time and you get a brand new house with nothing to repair.

I’ve had a few clients instruct me to get them the most for their home and then they plan to travel for 6 months to a year.  One of them is trying out a different vacation rental in 4 different cities they’re considering moving to.  They’re really enjoying the adventure.


Please choose one answer:

1) I am ready to join EXP Realty. 

2) I am interested in EXP Realty and need more info. 

3) I am not interested in EXP Realty. 


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* If you answered “#2” please watch the videos and check out the other intel on this site. . 

* If you answered ‘#3’ no worries. You will want to check out so you can at least know what EXP Realty is and why so many agents are moving to EXP Realty.

Some of my clients are moving to their own vacation rental or to their own normal rental home so they have time to look around at their options.  

A few people have cashed out and moved in with family for the time being. They liked the option of taking some time to look around.

2 of my clients have cashed out and moved into luxury rental units until they decide what’s next for them.

Another couple of clients have purchased homes to rehab so they can again take advantage of higher prices and make even more money during this unprecedented time.

Either way, everyone seems to want to take advantage of their increased values., so what are you thinking as I tell you all of this?  What does this do to your plans?”


Identify and prioritize EVERY person in your past client and sphere of influence list (your database) and speak with 100% of them using the script.

Then, use the same script with For Sale By Owners and Expireds, especially older expired listings.  These are all people who already have their hand up, self-identifying that they wish to SELL!

Set a goal and execute on speaking to 100% of your database using that script over the next 90 days or less.  For example, if you have 200 people on your list, you can contact ALL of them when you achieve 10 contacts daily.  If that’s too much, make it 5 contacts daily for 60 days.  WATCH what happens to your listing inventory!!  Be proactive. Be the LISTING AGENT. The listing agent always wins.

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