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What would happen if you listed and sold 12 more homes this year?  The average closing price currently in the United States is $380,000.  Let’s use $400,000 to keep the math easy.  On average, that would gross the listing agent $12,000.  Let’s say the net profit to that listing agent is $9,600 on that transaction after fees, etc.  $9,600 x 12 = $115,200.

That’s a good reason to list and sell 12 more homes this year.  That’s about 2 per month.  We’ll show you 12 ways to create those listings during this podcast series.  Before we do that, let’s think even bigger for a moment.

Let’s say that each of those 12 listings produces at least one closeable buyer -or- another listing in the same neighborhood, which is entirely likely when you follow our proven systems.  This would make your 12 listings into 24 closings.  $9,600 x 24 = $230,400.  If your average sale price is higher than the average we used, modify your math and see what your potential is!

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ASSUMPTIONS before we get to the action plan:

A)     You will have to actively contact both people you already know as well as those you don’t know.  People you know are past clients, people in your sphere of influence, and agent referrals.  People you don’t know are everyone else.  Are you willing to speak with both to earn your $230,400?

B).    You should analyze where your business came from for the last 6 months, and keep doing what has worked.  Consider doing MORE of what worked.  For example, if you had 5 transactions from repeat clients, but you didn’t have a system to speak with your database regularly, how many more repeat clients could you create this year by being more drilled down on that source of business, more systematic?

C).    You must be willing to do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level.  If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.  To go to the next level financially, you must go to the next level with your skills.

D).    You must ask for help when you need it.  Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel, sampling, or trying things out.  

TOP Six Ways To List (and Sell)

1.    Expired listings.   Expireds are at the top of the list because of the following:

-They clearly want to sell and many HAVE to sell.  These are the listings you’re looking for!

-You know what is probably the wrong price.  Your comparative market analysis is much easier on an expired.

-The agent you would have competed against (the one they thought would get the job done, who they probably already knew) is now out of the picture.

-The seller will correct negative feedback and reprice the home in most cases, creating a quick sale.  The average number of days on the market for re-listed expired listings is always very low.

Bonus:  Don’t forget old and older expired listings.  You’ll have less competition and are more likely to get the seller the price they wanted in the first place.

2.     Your past clients and sphere of influence.  Otherwise known as your database, statistically when you have regular and real conversations with your list, 10% of your list will either do business with you or refer business to you every year.  This could be 10 of your 22 listings if you have 100 people in your database and you speak with them regularly, at least once per quarter but ideally once per month.  Don’t get mad when another agent lists ‘your’ past client if you’re not making the effort!

Secret: If you’re an EXP agent, set up your KV Core and learn how to use ‘Making It Rain’ to support your proactive lead generation with your database.

3.     New Build Sales People.  These are the salespeople who sit in the builder’s model homes and write up all those new construction contracts.  Use our New Construction Plan (if you’re a Premier Coaching Member) to meet those new build reps and get all of their resale referrals.  When someone builds with them and they have a home to sell, what happens to that lead?  This is a fantastic lead source because you can have 1 new build salesperson contact who sends you multiple leads per year.  What if you had 5 new build salesperson relationships?

4.     For Sale By Owners.  When the market is hot like it’s been for so long, there are always plenty of Unrepresented Owners who need your help.  Most of them give up on the process if it’s not sold in the first two weekends.  There are luxury-priced,  unrepresented owners in today’s market as well.  This is a great opportunity because many of them have not yet bought, could build with you, or downsize/upsize and purchase with you.

Get your Expired leads by texting the word ‘RED’ to 47372.  RedX is your source for new and old expired phone numbers!

5.     Open Houses.  Refer to our podcast, “How to not just ‘sit’ and open house, how to monetize them!” Our open house system and scripts are proven to generate a bare minimum of three close-able buyers or sellers every time.  It’s all about choosing the right house, promoting the open house, using good scripts, and having relentless lead follow-up.  Many of our coaching clients have spun this source up into a very predictable listing machine.  If you’ve failed at open houses before, you’re missing a key element of the system to make it work.  

6.     Small and medium-sized builders who are building homes on ‘spec’.  This means they’re speculating that the house will sell.  There are many iterations of this, all of which we teach in Premier Coaching, but what is working for our clients lately is to identify buildable lots and take them to the small builder.  You sell the lot and list the spec home, often bringing the buyer as well.  Use and simply Google ‘New Construction’ in your area to see what opportunities there are for you.


7.     Probate.  Not many agents prospect probate leads because they don’t understand it.  Probate is simply the process of selling a home after someone passes away.  The court appoints an executor of the estate who can then sell the property.  If keeping the home in the family is not an option and the executor(s) wish to cash it out, that’s a listing.  Sometimes they’ll re-invest the proceeds in real estate, sometimes it’s just the listing that you’ll sell.  Either way, they need someone caring and competent to get the job done.

Get your Probate leads here

Conclusion: If you only take 2 listings the rest of this year from each of the sources we discussed, you’ll do a minimum of 6 more transactions, but likely as many as 12 to 18 as a result of listing those properties.

For a deeper drill down and coaching on how to accomplish this challenge, become a Premier Coaching Member today!

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