Real Estate Agents: How To Control Your Mindset Forever

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Today’s show is about the two wolves that are in all of us. The Good Wolf and the Evil Wolf. Which wolf dominates your mindset? The one you feed…  The Fear Wolf:  When you feed only it, you’ll fail to achieve your goals in life.  Instead, starve the fear but feed the wolf of courage and soon you’ll meet or exceed your goals.  During times of change and uncertainty (like we’re living now), acknowledge the fearful wolf but feed the courageous one within you. For some of you, this means being more aggressive, taking more risks, and being willing to hear no sometimes.

When facing conflict, both real or imagined, stop to hear the voices of each wolf.  While the fearful wolf makes you ‘frosty’ and keeps you on the lookout for ‘threat vectors’, the tenacious and fearless wolf makes you take action.  You need both but in different ways.

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You have more power over your emotions, your happiness, and your trajectory in life than you think.  It isn’t the events in your life that have the power.  It’s how you react to those events that empower you.  Do you choose sorry, envy, regret, and fear, or do you choose courage, inner peace, and hope?  If you’re not sure, just say, “It’s too soon to tell.”  

You set the tone.  Your choice to acknowledge your fears, trepidations, and worries but to move forward with your courage, leadership, and strength, sets the tone for your family, your work colleagues, your clients, and most importantly, yourself.

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Mindset Tip: Spend at least 1 hour working out, going on a walk, or taking a class at a fitness center. Group exercise is better for your business, expanding your Center of Influence. Try Orange Theory, Crossfit, Zumba, Pickleball, or a hiking club.  The story teaches the importance of self-awareness, balance, and conscious choice in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

How does frequency affect your investment?

   – The more frequently interest is compounded, the faster the investment grows.

   – Compounding quarterly or monthly yields higher returns compared to annual compounding.

 It’s never too late to start, but earlier is better.

   – Time is a crucial factor in harnessing the power of compound interest.

   – Starting investments early allows for more time for compounding to work its magic, resulting in larger returns.

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