Time’s Up, Procrastination! Let’s Do It! | Agents Guide To End Procrastination

The #1 Mistake Agents Are Making Now

Write this phrase down and never forget it: Make this phrase your personal mantra: I am a DOER I get Things Done. I do What I don’t want to do when I don’t want to do it at the highest level. I know that everything worth having, doing, experiencing in life will take longer and require more effort that I expect. I avoid shortcuts, easy buttons. I embrace the struggle. I embrance the challenge. I won’t quit, I won’t deviate. This is MY Time. 

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Procrastinating: What are you WAITING for?  Here are the top 10 Procrastinations that are causing you to lose money every single day, followed by the solution to cure you of your waiting habit.

Ask yourself: What do you LOSE by procrastinating?  Are you motivated by the carrot or the stick? Everyone claims they are motivated by their goals,  doing more to have more, yet most don’t get into action until they’re about to LOSE something.

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1.     You’re not taking action because you’re certain the market will crash soon, creating the opportunity you think isn’t here currently.  You tell yourself that no one is buying due to higher rates or selling because they’re ‘locked in’ to their low-interest rate mortgage loan.  

How do you explain the other 4 million+ transactions that DID happen while you were waiting?

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2.     You’re waiting for the Inventory Fairy to sprinkle the right new listings into your MLS so you can finally get some of your buyers in contract.  This also means you’re waiting on your buyers to see something in the ‘drip’ that they want to buy.

30% of last month’s closings were New Construction.  Are you finding that inventory, or are you still addicted to using only one tool, your MLS?

3.     You’re waiting for your next deal to materialize from your Center of Influence.  You’ve always lucked out in the past; surely something will happen soon!  What happened to all of the ‘FOMO’ that was out there? 

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Do you know which people on your database actually HAVE TO move in the next 90 days or less?  Do they all know what their home is worth in today’s market? 

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases, and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”

— Attributed to Wayne Gretzky

4.     You’re waiting for your videos to get someone to list with you.  Just keep on cranking out those TikToks.  You must not have enough of them yet.

5.     You’re waiting for a call back from your leads, the other agent, the home inspector, the appraiser, or the mortgage guy. Waiting, waiting, waiting… Be the one who calls, then call again until you get results.

6.     You’re waiting for your scripts to be perfect.  Just 10 more role-play sessions, and you’ll be ready to pick up that phone.  Practice with real people who have real reasons to transact.

7.     You’re waiting until you return from vacation, which doesn’t start for two weeks. You wouldn’t want a deal to happen while you’re away now, would you? 

8.     You’re waiting to find your Big Why.  You haven’t found your passion in the business, so you’re not feeling motivated.  

9.     You’re waiting until mortgage rates come down.  Meanwhile, more than 25% of transactions are closing with all cash and lenders are offering free refinances to those who are closing now with higher rates.  Date the rate, marry the home.

10.    You’re waiting for your listing(s) to sell.  What 3 things are you doing differently now that the market is calmer with fewer buyers?  Are you still expecting multiple offers and 10% over list?  If you’re not getting that, you must be more proactive, so you don’t get fired or have the listing expire.

“The trouble is that you think you have time.”


SOLUTION:  Take massive action starting today.  Do 5 times what you think you need to to get the results you desire.  5 x the open houses, 5 x the contacts, 5 x the pop-by’s, 5 x the Expired Calls, 5 x the New Construction visits.  Stop waiting and make it happen. You got this!

“I’m a doer, I do things now, I get things done!” is your anti-procrastination affirmation.

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