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Cracking the Luxury Code: Five Steps to Success for Real Estate Agents

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  1. Network with High-Net-Worth Individuals:
    • Attend upscale events, join exclusive clubs, and engage with luxury lifestyle communities. Be where luxury clients are. Upgrade your center of influence systematically.
    • Forge connections with high-net-worth clients through personalized interactions. Charity events, neighborhood celebrations, and school events are all easy opportunities to use your F-O-R-D script to expand your relationships.

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2. Specialize and Showcase Expertise:

    • Develop expertise in specific luxury property types or prestigious neighborhoods. Tour luxury new construction, preview resale homes, and become highly educated on what you’re trying to break into!
    • Showcase knowledge through high-quality marketing materials like professional photography and virtual tours. You can’t expect to sell luxury homes using your MLS printout as a home brochure.

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3. Partner with Luxury Service Providers:

    • Collaborate with luxury service providers such as interior designers, stagers, wealth managers, and concierge services.
    • Offer comprehensive services to luxury clients by leveraging partnerships. Regularly prospect your professional centers of influence with calls, coffees, and lunches. Refer them business and ask for business in return!
    • Access exclusive opportunities in the luxury home market through strategic alliances. Yacht clubs, art galleries, whatever is appropriate in your town regarding a luxury lifestyle.

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4. Leverage Digital Marketing and Social Media:

    • Utilize digital marketing strategies to reach affluent buyers and sellers. Video beautiful listings (with permission) and discuss why those homes are so special. Highlight a luxury builder or a new development or building. What are the high-end amenities?
    • Create visually stunning content that showcases luxury properties and lifestyle amenities. Upgrade your media resources.
    • Engage with luxury audiences on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

5. Prospect High-End Expired Listings! This is the fastest and most efficient way to take your first expensive listing. There are lots of advantages to this approach. The seller’s ‘go-to’ agent has just failed to sell the home, you know what the wrong price is (it’s been market tested), you know what the feedback has been, the seller is more motivated and coachable, etc.

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