Dominate or Be Dominated: Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Crushing Competition

Real Estate Agents:  Are you finding that most of your deals are with people who already know you?  That’s normal, and that’s great…until you run out of ‘easy’ deals.  

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What happens when you meet someone new, someone who might be talking with other agents and trying to decide who to represent them when buying or selling real estate?  What if their spouse also has someone in mind?  How can you more easily win their trust and earn their business?  Do you feel you can compete and win in any situation, in front of any personality style or price range?  

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If these thoughts make you even a tiny bit nervous, It may be time to upgrade everything! Here’s a quick list of just SOME of the things we work with our Premier and Elite Coaching Clients to accomplish:

1.     Upgrade your presentations.  To be successful nearly 100% of the time, you’ll need to have a competitive and proven Listing Presentation, a Pre-Listing Package, and, now more than ever, a Buyer Presentation.

-Do you have these presentations?

-Are you using the presentations?

-Are you getting signed listing and buyer contracts at least 90% of the time?

-Are your presentations exactly like everyone else’s at your company or unique to you?

-Do your presentations specifically answer, ‘Why should I hire you versus another agent, or versus not using an agent at all?’

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If you answered YES to all 5 questions, then you should be able to list between one house per month and one house per week, no problem.  (Assuming you know how to lead generate, and that will be a future point!)

If you answered NO to any of these questions, it’s time to upgrade your presentations.  Get help with this by joining Premier Coaching today for free.

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2.     Upgrade your Lead Generation.  

-Are you predictably generating the amount of leads it takes to meet or exceed your monthly income goals?

-Are you converting leads to appointments and appointments to contracts?

-Do you understand and follow the Spokes in the Wheel model, and are you actively working on each spoke well enough to get results?

-Do you feel like you’re in control of your lead generation, or are you constantly wondering where your next deal or deals will come from?

3.     Upgrade the look and feel of all of your marketing and presentation materials.  

-Do you have the same professional and authentic picture, logo, and colors on all of your assets, both online and off?  

-Do you look like the same agent on every item?  

-Does it look professional enough that someone with a home to sell that’s double your average sale price would hire you?

4.     Upgrade how you present yourself.  Refer to the chapter about upgrading everything in our best-selling book, ‘Harris Rules’ to work on many specific things.  

-Start with your wardrobe, haircut, glasses, shoes, nails, purse and/or briefcase.  Maybe it’s also time to upgrade from your iPhone 5 and your AOL account!  

5.     Upgrade your coaching.

-If you’re already in Premier Coaching and you’re ready for the next level, upgrade to Elite Coaching.

-If you’re in a different program but you’re not getting the results you signed up for, upgrade to Premier Coaching and become part of our coaching family for free today.

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