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1) What Podcasts do you listen to regularly?

The All In Podcast

How I Built This

Dennis and Julie

My First Million

Expedition Unknown (unsolved stories and urban legends)

A Way With Words 

Joe Rogan

Housing Wire Daily

Industry Relations With Rob Hahn and Greg Robertson

Huberman Lab

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Podcasts For Kids:

Super Great Kids Stories

Melon’s House Party

Christian podcasts for kids. (there are many)

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2) What do you do on days when you just don’t feel like ‘doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it (at ANY level?)

– Do it anyway; don’t give yourself an option 

– Never hit the snooze button on workdays

– Exercise to break your mental cycle of procrastination

– Supplements. 

– Make your bed everyday.

– Write down 5 things you are most appreciative for. 

– Show overt appreciation to at least 5 people.

– Know your 3-5 daily minimum standards. 

– Do what you want to do the least first thing in the day.

– Use affirmations like: I’m a doer, I do things now, I get things done.

– Imagine you’ve just done what it is you’re avoiding and see how great you feel as a result.

– Change up WHAT you’re doing versus not doing it at all: Call your Past Clients if you’re tired of chasing unresponsive leads.  Visit new construction and connect with the new build reps.

– Revisit your goals; remind yourself why you’re working hard and what you’re working toward.

– Have something scheduled daily that is NOT related to everything else, and use that as your mental break.  Duolingo, learning an instrument, something different.

– Visit your assets and money on so you’re more tied to the results of your work.

– GO TO PREMIER COACHING Live Sessions daily!!!

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3) I have been in the real estate business for 12 years, I have had huge ups and huge downs. I am feeling burned out. HELP?

4) I hear you everyday telling me to pick up the phone, I haven’t been able to push myself to do it. I am beginning to doubt myself. Maybe this isn’t for me. Any suggestions?

5) I am a new agent. What are the top 5 things I should be focused on? I haven’t chosen my broker yet, and have no real direction. 

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