How to Bank $100k+ In The Next 100 Days! (Part 2)

PART TWO: The first 5 Proven Lead Generators for your $100k in 100-Day Plan.

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Remember, you’re focused mainly on LISTINGS because listings will automatically create buyers for you.  Work with the buyers yourself or pre-qualify them and refer them to referral partner agents.

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1.     Your past clients and sphere of influence.  Otherwise known as your database, statistically, when you have regular and real conversations with your list, 10% of your list will either do business with you or refer business to you every year.  What would happen if you committed to speaking with 100% of the people in your database this quarter?  (Don’t get mad when another agent lists ‘your’ past client if you’re not making the effort!)

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REAL ESTATE LEADS, LEADS and more LEADS: Question: What is Tim and Julie Harris’s favorite PROBATE LEAD PROVIDER? Simple,

*How many people in your database know what their home is worth in today’s market?  It’s your job to let them know.  If they knew they could get $ X for their home, netting them $ Y, what would that do to their plans?

*How many people in your database are inheriting property they need to sell, relocating, becoming empty-nesters, or having another baby?  How many of them are first-time buyers or have first-time buyer kids ready to pounce on the newest inventory?

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Take it from coaching client Patrick Murphy in Columbus, Ohio:

I have about 125 clients from over the last three years. After listening to you and Tim mention a few times that those would be the best calls to make… I put serious effort into this a couple of weeks ago. I simply created a Google sheet with all the clients listed out and then a way to track each as I made contact. This is not a text or email (as I usually do with my clientele) but a phone call!

These are the best calls to make. They actually want to hear from you. They’re happy to hear from you, and they share information and leads WAY more than they would’ve had via text or replying to an email. I’m learning about job changes, family changes, etc. 

Just today, a client mentioned he’s ready to start looking at investment properties. I’m not sure if he would have reached out to me to tell me that!

I try to bring some value to the call in terms of helping with any contractor connections or getting them up-to-date home valuations, but honestly, I don’t think they’re looking for too much more than just catching up

If you think about it, we spent at least 5 to 6 weeks together and built a relationship, so it’s very natural for this group to chat with me.

I plan on doing this each quarter, even as the list grows!

Patrick Murphy, Columbus Ohio, coaching client

2.    Expired listings.   Expireds are near the top of the list because of the following:

They clearly want to sell, and many HAVE to sell.  These are the listings you’re looking for!  There’s been a big increase in Expireds recently since most agents still had too-short listing agreements in anticipation of the hot seller’s market continuing.  Aspirational pricing and competition from new construction have created more expired and withdrawn listings.

You know what is probably the wrong price.  Your comparative market analysis is much easier on an expired listing.

The agent you would have competed against (the one they thought would get the job done, who they probably already knew) is now out of the picture.

The seller will correct negative feedback and reprice the home in most cases, creating a quick sale.  The average number of days on the market for re-listed expireds is always very low.

Bonus:  Don’t forget old and older expired listings.  You’ll have less competition and are more likely to get the seller the price they wanted in the first place.

3.     New Build Sales People.  These are the salespeople who sit in the builder’s model homes and write up all those new construction contracts.  Use our New Construction Plan (if you’re a Premier Coaching Member) to meet those new build reps and get all of their resale referrals.  When someone builds with them, and they have a home to sell, what happens to that lead?  This is a fantastic lead source because you can have 1 new build salesperson contact who sends you multiple leads yearly.  What if you had 5 new build salesperson relationships?

4.     For Sale By Owners.  When the market is hot like it’s been for so long, there are always plenty of Unrepresented Owners who need your help.  Most of them give up on the process if it’s not sold in the first two weekends.  There are luxury-priced,  unrepresented owners in today’s market as well.  This is a great opportunity because many of them have not yet bought, could build with you, or downsize/upsize and purchase with you.

Many For Sale By Owners were first expired listings.  They simply didn’t know what else to do, probably because an agent like you hadn’t contacted them.

5.     Open Houses.  Refer to our podcast, “How to not just ‘sit’ and open house, how to monetize them!” Our open house system and scripts are proven to generate a bare minimum of three close-able buyers or sellers every time.  It’s all about choosing the right house, promoting the open house, using good scripts, and having relentless lead follow-up.  Many of our coaching clients have spun this source into a predictable listing machine.  If you’ve failed at open houses before, you’re missing a key element of the system to make it work. 

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