Your Step by Step Doorknocking Masterclass (Part 4)

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Today we’re talking about getting listings immediately, without buying leads, without having a never-ending drip system or paying referral fees.  Everyone listening can do this.  It’s door-knocking. 

This is a 4 part series, today’s show is part 4. 


13.     Post on Social Media, especially on YouTube, a video of you starting to prospect a specific neighborhood.  This should be you, in front of the neighborhood sign or something recognizable about where you are.  Share some fast facts and explain you’ll be there this afternoon connecting with all the neighbors and answering any real estate questions.  Give your mobile number.  Post on all of your Social Media.  Refer to our podcast series about how to utilize videos for real estate agents.

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14.     Door-knock the neighborhood prior to all of your open houses.  Again, give out a flyer with the stats for the neighborhood and add your home brochure for the home that you’ll hold open.  Ask who they know who you should invite to the open.  Ask permission to place your directional signs in yards.  Don’t forget to ask, “Who do you know who could use my help buying or selling real estate?”

15.     Believe that door-knocking works and it will work.  How you speak to someone when you’re prospecting is greatly influenced by how you’re thinking about what you’re doing.  Napoleon Hill said that what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.  You’ll have more energy and enthusiasm when you are all-in versus ‘trying it out’ or ‘seeing how it will go’.

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16.     Create a neighborhood directory as a way to get everyone’s contact information and connect with the community.  This can be digital, and/or hardcopy.  It’s a great excuse to door-knock and you’re providing value to the community.  You can include a map of the neighborhood, phone numbers to the utility companies who service the neighborhood, and a section for other recommended providers like a sprinkler guy, a pool guy, a painter, a dog walker, a babysitter, etc.  Of course, your real estate ad with testimonials will be in that section as well, or you can put it on the back cover as a ‘directory sponsored by Bob Smith of eXp Realty’.  This is why hard copy is nice – it stays in their kitchen with your information on it and they use it all the time!

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