Your Step by Step Doorknocking Masterclass (Part 3)

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Today we’re talking about getting listings immediately, without buying leads, without having a never-ending drip system or paying referral fees.  Everyone listening can do this.  It’s door-knocking. 

This is a 4 part series, today’s show is part 3. 


9.     Dress professionally but not over formal and SMILE! You’re probably on camera.  Look confident and approachable, not like an IRS agent.  Wear your nametag or a shirt with your company logo.

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10.     Door-knock condos and townhomes with exterior doors.  (Buildings are harder to get into and more regulated).  They have a higher turnover and are closer together!  They also often have billboards where you can post your market update and call to action.  Often there will be investor-owners who actually own multiple units, so these contacts can lead to more than one transaction with certain clients.  Get to know the president of the Homeowners Association. They know who’s behind on dues, who is moving, who is an investor, and so on.

11.     “Door Knock” new construction model homes and connect with the new build sales reps.  They know who has already closed but is getting relocated and already has to sell, who is contingent on a home sale, what the unsold spec homes are, bonuses on certain houses, etc.  You’re out there door-knocking anyway, don’t ignore this important source of business.  Refer to our podcast series about how to work with new construction for a specific step-by-step guide.

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12.     Go door-knocking in neighborhoods where you already have past clients. Start by popping by and chatting with them first.  They are your ever-present testimonials, right there in the community.  They can be ‘bird dogs’ for you and let you know who’s moving and when and endorse that you do a great job when people ask.

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