Your Step by Step Doorknocking Masterclass (Part 2)

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Today we’re talking about getting listings immediately, without buying leads, without having a never-ending drip system or paying referral fees.  Everyone listening can do this.  It’s door-knocking. 

This is a 4 part series, today’s show is part 2. 


5.     Make sure you are also up to date on pertinent real estate facts such as the current mortgage interest rate,  what’s being built around the corner from where you’re door knocking, and anything specific to the area that people may bring up in conversation.  Remember you can always say “That’s a great question, I’m writing it down so I can follow up with you this evening.  What’s the best number to reach you later today?”

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6.     Enhance your door knocking by being sure to knock on any homes which have expired in the past several years.  Check for For Sale By Owners as well.  Make the most out of your door-knocking by STARTING with those expired listings and for sale by owners, then expand your door-knocking route around them.

7.     Make your door-knocking a habit, not a random activity.  Schedule yourself to prospect the same neighborhood every month and track how many homes you’re knocking on.  If the neighborhood has 200 homes, knocking 10 per day for 20 working days will have you meeting everyone every month for example.  If you can knock 20 per day, you’ll be even more efficient and could speak with everyone twice per month.  

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The most successful door-knockers have multiple neighborhoods or buildings they work consistently.  You do not have to live in the neighborhoods you knock, but your own community is a good place to start.

Track your ratios.  Do you set an appointment after every 20 contacts?  If you knew that was your ratio, wouldn’t you knock on 20 homes every day until you had your desired listing inventory? (Your Magic Number).  Refer to our best-selling book, Harris Rules for more on the Magic Number.  

8.     Don’t just knock.  Become part of the community.  Go to events like block parties, Homeowners Association meetings, and garage sales.  Start with your own neighborhood since you probably know it best!  Join the name website to monitor what’s happening around the community.  Become the agent that everyone knows.  When you walk down the street and they’re mowing the lawn, they say, “Hey Bob, how’s it going? How’s Real Estate?”

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