Part II of this three-part series, “Tips on Finding Inventory,” focuses on leveraging technology.

As we wrote at the top of Part I in this series, many housing experts anticipate that the market’s current strangled supply reality will remain until 2025.

It’s up to you, agents and brokers, to scrounge around for inventory just as you do for qualified leads.  Using technology may just help you find that inventory.


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Leveraging Technology

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Apps Such as DropOffer and Vulcan7. DropOffer enables agents to access a vast pool of off-market properties AND submit electronic offers for those properties.  Additionally, DropOffer enables agents to access property-specific data.  Vulcan7 offers agents expired, rental owner and FSBO leads.  This app also offers CRM, dialer and video email tools.
  2. Alternative Lending Sources – Alternative lending sources such as Knock offers homeowners the ability to buy their new home before selling their old one so they can avoid double mortgage payments. Knock essentially covers the old home’s mortgage before it sells.  That homeowner is then enabled to become an all-cash buyer for the new home she/he/they want to buy.  This kind of financial “freedom” to buy may positively translate into the homeowner’s comfort-zone confidence level to actually put their home on the market.
  3. Distribute Unsolicited Video CMAs. Using BombBomb or Zoom to record a video of yourself creating a comprehensive market analysis on your computer and then distributing that video may be useful to one or several homeowners within your market area, guests who attended one of your recent open houses and/or one of your past buyers. People like receiving relevant, specific, value-added information without having to pay for it.  Not only does receiving such information make people feel recognized by and visible to you, it also helps to remind them to think of you first if/when they want to discuss anything real estate.
  4. Work Social Media Accounts. There’s a difference between using and working social media.  Work your social media accounts such Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to inform/educate potential sellers on current market conditions.  Offer them specifics about how market conditions could become real opportunities for them as sellers.  Then, of course, after your initial contact on social media, follow up with these potential sellers with a personal phone call and/or a face-to-face coffee date.

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