Short Sale Coaching

The Accredited Short Sale Designation training & coaching program demystifies the process of generating, listing, selling and closing Short Sale transactions. Learn to generate an abundance of opportunity from this ever-increasing area of real estate and become your market’s short sale expert.

Our short sale training & coaching program provides a complete explanation of the short sale and foreclosure processes, including the roles of lenders, sellers, buyers, and real estate agents in the short sale process. It helps members evaluate short sale options for distressed homeowners and identify the best short sale package for each homeowner situation.

“This is by far the most comprehensive program available. It is really nice when you get a coach like our that holds you to your numbers and activity. Business is business and those who want to meet their business goals would do well by joining the coaching program offered. We have been with them 6 months and are having success thanks to Tim and Julie Harris.”


What This Program Includes

  • Learn the insider secrets of the nation’s top-producing real estate agents – directly from the trainers who coach them! Get the inside scoop on how today’s top-producers stay on top of the market from Tim & Julie Harris.
  • Learn how to generate unlimited real estate leads in any market and any economic conditions. In our programs, we’re going to introduce you to a wealth of low-cost / no-cost lead generation techniques proven to be successful.
  • Avoid the feast or famine lifestyle forever, as you learn how to effectively set personal financial goals and then use your own unique magic number to work those numbers in reverse to achieve true financial freedom and prosperity.
  • Learn why top agents always list to last, and get insider strategies to build a top-producing listing pipeline to generate a massive flow of monthly real estate income without having to struggle to maintain your pipeline.
  • You’ll receive insider access to our member’s only Facebook forum, where you can share referrals and learn from tips & tricks to implement our coaching program from thousands of motivated real estate agents.
  • Learn how to generate buyer & seller leads on-demand, with over 100 proven, trusted lead-generation techniques of the top-producers.
  • Learn how to overcome call-reluctance, and become a master phone-prospector using a comprehensive collection of scripts and objection-handlers based on decades of experience and thousands of coaching calls.
  • Learn how to easily and effectively prequalify your buyer leads in order to focus on AAA approved buyers, avoid time-wasting lookie-loos, and keep your production at peak levels.
  • Learn how to locate hidden inventory to show your buyers, run a buyer seminar, and understand the buyer psychology in order to keep your production high and streamline the sales process.
  • Learn why most agents only make $40k a year – and what strategies you can implement today to set you apart from the real estate competition.
  • Learn the very best objection-handling, negotiation & closing techniques used by the nation’s top-agents, and learn how to customize & implement them in your own business to dominate your real estate marketplace.
  • Get all of the crucial scripts, approaches & presentations to ensure that your buyer & seller meetings go smoothly – and learn Tim & Julie’s insider secrets to help you win every single listing presentation in less than half an hour!
  • Learn how Tim & Julie built a multi-million dollar real estate team during the worst real estate market in history and became award-winning top-producers who founded the nation’s top coaching & training organization!
  • Quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively scale your real estate business with our proven, trusted list vendors for lead generation, workflow & CRM systems, traditional & digital marketing tools, freelance & virtual assistants, phone-systems & more!
  • Demystify the process of generating, listing, selling and closing Short Sale transactions, and learn to generate an abundance of short sale opportunities as your market’s short sale expert, while you learn how to expedite short sales using our streamined process.
  • Get full access to our library of real estate superstar interviews with top-names in the real estate industry, as we drill down on key focus areas to learn how each of our superstars became highly successful in their local marketplace.
  • Learn how to thrive in any market conditions with our “Real Estate Survival Guide” as you create a step-by-step plan for real estate wealth & prosperity with our in-depth business planning guide.