Cynthia Nina-Soto

    It is extremely difficult to get ahead and move forward without knowing what you should do next. Having someone with real life experience guiding you through each twist and turn allows you to move forward with a little more confidence and conviction. I stumbled upon Tim & Julie Harris Coaching by pure accident. I started listening to their podcast everyday and quickly realized that this was exactly what my real estate career needed. I made the decision to invest in my self and decided to join.

    To my saving grace I was assigned to Coach Robert Earl who has been the reality check I’ve been needing. I love the accountability and the no excuses approach he has. Coach Robert makes me think and forces me to get out of my own way in order to move forward. I look forward to each of my Thursday morning calls because I know that I will end with new tools and knowledge needed to conquer the next week. Thank you for all that you do Coach Robert and thank you Tim & Julie for sharing Coach Robert with me.

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