REO Specialist Designation, RSD

Bank, Asset Manager Approved REO, BPO Training

REO Specialist DesignationCertified BPO Specialist

REO Designation

The REO Specialist Designation training and coaching program is the leading REO program for real estate agents. This is a proven system used by 1000′s of top agents nationwide.

Our REO & BPO training and coaching program begins with detailed training in REO industry fundamentals like evictions, cash for keys, securing MMRS and other essential REO skills. Students also learn valuable skills for Broker Price Opinions, which provide both money-making skills along with a broad knowledge of the REO industry. This course includes instruction on REO Management, property preservation, lead generation and marketing strategies, BPO completion, how to work with GSE’s, and how to close REO sales.

This program includes over 500 REO asset manager contacts, instruction on becoming a lender-preferred REO agent, and Tim and Julie Harris’s “5 BPOs In A Day” program. Learn how to work with REO asset managers to earn money doing BPO’s and build wealth selling distressed REO properties.

I’m working a lot fewer weekends, much fewer hours, and much more time with my family. It’s just the entire package that’s amazing.
Kevin Hall, Prudential

Course Features

  • 4 Live, personal & intense coaching calls each month.
  • 8 Office-hour sessions per month, plus anytime access to your coach online.
  • 22 Daily motivational messages a month. Mini-coaching calls to start the day right!
  • 44 Real estate superstar interviews every year.
  • 1,000+ Documents, with instant access to our complete coaching library.
  • 1,000+ Hours of audio coaching, interviews, and other downloads.
  • Ongoing monthly training & coaching program, with no long-term contracts.
  • Flexible class schedule with coaching call replays available for immediate download.
  • Professionally trained, licensed & experienced coaches lead you through the course.
  • Proven lead generation systems, intense money-making scripts, objection handlers, etc.
  • National network & referral directory for Tim and Julie Harris agents.

In this market REO listings are the listings to have, so take this opportunity to enroll in the REO Specialist Designation program and start making money in the REO/BPO marketplace. Students obtain both the REO Specialist Designation (RSD) and Certified BPO Specialist Designation (CBS).