Jeff Nielson on Housing Economic Trends

Jeff Nielson is a Canadian economist who joins us to discuss the economic forces driving the housing market, and how real estate agents can educate themselves to take advantage of the changing marketplace, along with avoiding being caught unaware as the market turns.

Jeff Nielson is a Canadian, who studied economics for four years at the University of British Columbia, before going on to earn his law degree at that same institution in 1989.
He began seriously studying the precious metals sector in the middle of this decade, and subsequently created a web-site – Bullion Bulls Canada – along with two other partners. He is currently the site’s writer and editor.

Their objective is to educate people about precious metals, and the excellent investment opportunities associated with this sector. Along with its focus on precious metals, the site provides extensive, general economic commentary – to explain the strong economic fundamentals which are currently driving this sector.

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