Moving is a hassle – and then there’s the paperwork! Today we’re going to learn about a smart, simple solution updating all those onerous accounts with an innovative new tool called Updater that lets you do quick & painlessly. Sound useful? It gets even better – if you’re an agent or broker, this NAR-sponsored startup has a package just for you, that lets you provide Updater as a value-add to your real estate services.

We’re joined today by Jenna Weinerman from Updater, who describes for us this web-based service that helps people who are moving organize and complete all of their moving-related tasks. In addition to helping their users file change of address forms with the post office for free, Updater streamlines the change of address process by notifying selected companies and individuals on behalf of their users. They also offer a service to prevent advertisers from sending unsolicited mail into their users’ mailboxes. Sign up here from today’s show and receive a listener discount!

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