We don’t mean to keep beating a dead horse, but maybe its because we can still hear agents trying to gallop away from this impending market shift?!  We’ve spent several days talking about the revolution that companies like Zillow’s Instant Offer, Offer Pad and Opendoor are (and will be) bringing into markets across the country.  Opendoor already exists in four markets, including Las Vegas, where NBC affiliate KSNV-3 gave the company some serious press on how local residents were drawn to and using Opendoor.

This is exactly what we’ve been saying all week!  While agents go immediately to price, sellers like Rebecca Dorsey chose the convenience of not having to stage and clean up the place in order to get a deal that satisfied her.  Rebecca recounts how the entire process took a little over two weeks!  She actually had a check in hand in that timeframe.  Agents, are you hearing this?  Do you see the mass appeal this will have for millions of sellers?

Ultimately some sellers may not choose it, but Rebecca is proof positive that some will and that you have to be ready.  In contrast, her next door neighbor chose the traditional route and for the same price, what is the status of that home?  Still on the market, according to KSNV-3.

What may be even more appealing is the idea that Opendoor has an app.  An entire generation of upcoming buyers who have grown up online and live on Amazon Prime are now able to browse their site, make an offer and get a home!  And remember, not a dumpy home, but a real, totally livable condition home.

Remember, the time is now!  Get your own instant offers program ready or in the next 12 months or so you could find that you’re losing out in a big way with both sellers and buyers!

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