We received a lot of responses to our series this past week on how to compete with Instant Offer/iBuyer companies and Tim asked a question that one of our loyal podcast listeners (and coaching members) felt compelled to answer!  In her unsolicited video to us, Jen is fired up as she shares why she believes brokers have their heads in the sand about iBuyer programs and why they’re not doing more to help agents compete against them.

What do you say about this?  Do you think Jen is right?  What has your brokers response been to the buzz about iBuyer programs?  We want to hear your feedback too!

Did you notice that sweet whiteboard system Jen has going on behind her? As a longtime coaching member she took a concept we teach and took it a step further with sticky magnets, eliminating the need to keep writing and erasing!  Way to go, Jen!

Jen is a great example of the forward thinking agent that Tim spoke about this week; the kind of agent you will all need to be if you want to compete and not become obsolete!

Do you have a plan yet for rolling out your own iBuyer/instant offers program?  If you missed any of those shows this week on this topic, visit our site and make sure to listen to the entire series from beginning to end.  It’s filled with details, insights and ideas that will have you thinking in a brand new way.  Please don’t ignore this important new opportunity! We will keep following the expansion of these companies, proving that what we’re saying is true; they are here to stay and its time for our industry to take notice.

What if, instead of signing petitions, agents were developing their own program.  We can bet that Jen, along with thousands of our coaching clients, won’t be sitting idle any longer!



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